Decorative Details That Add An Extra To Your Home

Analyzing the spaces we have, selecting the furniture that fits within it without hindering movement, combining colors, materials and textures, all this is an essential part of interior decoration. But when we have covered all these points, what makes our stay come alive and personality are the small details and elements full of charm.

Make Our Fireplace The Center Of The Room

Homes that have a fireplace have a very useful element that they can use to give style and personality to the room. The fireplace, in addition to a magnificent element during the cold winter, can become a centerpiece of the room. Give it the importance it deserves and use its environment to add pieces that make it stand out.

Decorating Our Walls With Pictures

Play with the arrangement of your paintings, create original, symmetrical or disordered alignments. You can also opt for striking frames that may be even more attractive to the eye than the image it contains.

Reading Corners, A Micro Space In Your Living Room

We will not get tired of recommending the creation of different environments within the same room. The living room is king in this respect, and to achieve this, it is best to define different spaces, thanks to the lighting and the use we want to give it.

The reading corner is a classic in this regard. We have to place a comfortable armchair, a bookshelf (ชั้น วาง หนังสือ, which is the term in Thai), add a good light bulb and a table where we can leave the book we are reading.

When decorating your home, do not get carried away solely by perfection in the composition and combination of elements. Add part of yourself, photographs, objects from your trips, decorative pieces that talk about you or your family. Only then will you achieve that extra comfort we seek.

Elements In An Old Or Vintage Style

The vintage-looking decoration pieces have a lot of charm. Their appearance makes you understand that they have a long history behind them and without a doubt, will give a lot of personality to your stay. In these cases, even small imperfections can be perceived as an extra positive to their general appearance.

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