Features of Persian carpets

Persian rugs are particularly popular for their richness and beauty. The characteristics and quality of rugs differ according to manufacturing style in different areas. Persian carpets usually have floral patterns. While Turkish carpets have geometric designs in brighter and wilder colors. Fine highland knotting and compact knotting 50 knots per square inch are particular features of high-quality Persian carpets.

Carpet designs differ in different villages and regions. Some carpets with floral designs and roaming tendrils available in a variety of colors. Persian motifs include bold medallions, spandrels and repeating arabesques. Dramatic borders by applying repeated Herati patterns of flowers centered within diamonds are designed.

Persian rugs are hand-knotted Oriental Rugs that are manufactured in Asian countries like in India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • Raw material to make the Persian rug

Wool is mostly used to make this rug but sometimes cotton is also used. Different types of wools are used like kork wool, camel hair or Manchester wool. Antique rugs are made from silver.  The raw material choice completely justifies the high cost of Persian rugs.

  • Knitting technique

The Persian knot is a unique feature of Persian rugs. With the continuous and period movement, particular knotting creates a consistent or elegant pile that is achieved.  Mostly rugs have cost value according to a number of knots per square inch. If Knotting per Square Inch is higher, the rug will be of high quality and thus the price will be more.

  • Rug size

Different sizes are available and you can choose any size according to your room. Cost also increases as the size of rug increases.

  • The weaving methods

The manufacturers weave the rugby hands or use a machine. And hand woven is more expensive. A buyer can purchase the rug as per the budget spent to make it. Hand-woven rugs are manufactured with horizontal and vertical looms.

Although machine-made rugs have also high demand they are not considered too reliable and authentic. Machine-made Persian rugs are easily available in stores.

Following are some particular features of Persian carpets,

  • Decoration:

Persian rugs are very royal and elegant to decorate your rooms. As they are available in a variety of shape, size, color and design one can easily purchase according to personal taste and choice. They’re actually of attention for everyone’s eyes. The beauty of the room increases when you choose the rug according to the particular theme of the interior design of the room.

  • Investment:

Persian rugs are a unique piece of art and some types are rare in the world because of their uniqueness. Some Persian rugs have a high cost because they’re unique and rare handmade rugs. These hand-knotted rugs truly work of art. And this manufacturing skill passes from one generation to next. Hard work to make them justifies clearly their high-cost value. Most people are willing to invest high to have these artistic rugs in their homes.

  • Artistic Reason:

People who love handmade artwork are certainly going to purchase a Persian rug. Each Persian rug has its unique artistic features like wall paintings with, particularly designed borders.

  • Convenience and comfortable

Comfort is the first and foremost selling feature of this rug. Fibres stay warm even in winters and provide a warming effect to your feet. Persian rugs provide high-quality comfort without compromising in style.

  • The antique industry with in-trend styles

People are using traditional Persian rugs for decades around the globe and in the future, their popularity will increase more and more as they have up to date designs according to trend.

  • Conclusion

Anyone who wants to buy a rare Persian rug should collect information on the auction which is going to take place. You can avail a Persian rug to decorate your room by going to auction.

The great popularity of Persian rugs leads to manufacturing even today both my hands and machines. Indeed, such carpets have high quality and intricate looks and designs. It has great significance among the admirers of artistic pieces. It secured fame at the time when there were no machines to make the rugs.

What are the uses of the sheer curtains?

A well decorative home does not only look beautiful, but it is also a wonderful place to live in. When it comes to the decor of the home, the curtains are important as the other decoration elements of the home. Fortunately, curtains are available in a lot of styles, designs and colors. There was a time when cotton curtains were seen in most homes. But now the time has changed and people are becoming aware of the different materials of the curtains. Today, I am going to explain the uses of those curtains which can be installed in any type of room whether it is a washroom, kitchen or living room. These curtains are known as sheer curtains, which have recently gained popularity. The reason is that they fulfill the role which the curtain must have to fulfill. Mainly there are two roles of the curtain. First is, the curtain must be functional and second is the curtain must provide a charming appearance. Sheer curtains contain both properties. Below, there are some wonderful uses of the sheer curtains which will help you in understanding whether they are suitable for you or not.

  • Affordable

Everyone wants the best curtains for the windows in the budget-friendly prices. The sheer curtains are unique, but they are available at affordable prices as well. So what are you looking for? They can be proved as the perfect option for the low-budget people. As compared to blinds and drapes they are cheap. Those who are looking for the curtains for many windows can consider sheer curtains because these curtains can be a cost-effective option for such people. Whether you choose ready-made or custom-made options, both are money saving options.

  • Allow natural light to come in

While many curtains block out sunlight, there are also curtains that allow a small amount of light to enter. Sheer curtains are included in the list of such types of curtains. If you are looking for curtains for any area of the home, where you need natural sunlight, sheer curtains can be helpful for you. They make the room bright with natural light while they are closed. Fully opening up the big curtains in summer can make the room hot and in the case of winter, the room can become cool. Whereas sheer curtains maintain the temperature of the room, while offering light.

  • Block sun rays

Some people think that the sheer curtains are not ideal for the rooms where there are furniture items. But not everything is as it looks. These curtains are more functional and beneficial than they look. Sheer curtains provide complete control over the sunlight. Just you have to add the set of sheer drapes for this purpose because they will block UV rays and protect the furniture from fading and damage. On one hand, they are making your room bright with natural light and on the other hand, they are blocking dangerous UV rays.

  • Lightweight

The sheer curtains are made from soft and lightweight materials, like polyester. Unlike heavy curtains and drapes, these curtains are easy to handle and hang. This will help you at the time when you will change or replace the curtain or when you will take off the curtains for washing. Old age people and even kids can open these curtains.   

  • Privacy

We all know that the curtains are installed for privacy. You may not believe but it is a fact that the sheer curtains offer great privacy. When the blinds are opened for the light the privacy disturbs. Whereas in case of sheer curtains, there is no need to open the curtains. If you want to install drapes or heavier blinds then still you can add a set of sheer curtains behind the curtains for privacy.

  • Versatile

No! there are not only white and black sheer curtains. However, both curtains are best for giving the traditional look to the room, but if you are looking for something modern and different you can still go with sheer curtains. They are enriched with different types of colors, patterns, styles and designs. You can choose the sheer curtains which suit your requirements.

Should I Hire A Mini Excavator Or Large Excavator?

Choosing the right mini excavator hire packages is important to the potential success of your next project. Prior to choosing an excavator to hire and which plant hire companies suit your specific needs, it is important to look at the situation you are in, the budgets that you have, the location you’ll be working in and what tasks you’ll need machinery and plant hire for exactly. Excavators are heavy machinery used in the main digging tasks on a construction site, but with different excavator attachments there are other tasks that they are incredibly helpful for.

How to choose the right size excavator hire

When choosing an excavator to hire you’ll be choosing between a mini excavator, a medium-sized excavator or a large excavator. Each has its benefits and drawbacks depending on the location and specific situation and it is important that you choose the right size excavator to maintain high standards on the tasks at hand.

Mini excavators – a compact or mini excavator is designed to do the same job as larger excavators but can be used in smaller, tighter areas that would be difficult for standard models to reach and they also offer help for tasks that don’t require as much power. Mini excavators offer great levels of flexibility and versatility and are a fantastic help for those smaller jobs on a site that would be cumbersome to complete by hand but that don’t need heavy machinery or greater power to complete. 

Medium-sized excavators – midi excavators are used in a wide variety of industries, such as in construction, landscaping, and within the utilities sector. Typically, a midi excavator is used because of its mobile nature. It offers a good halfway point between the mobility and flexibility of a smaller model, whilst offer the power that a large excavator provides.

Large excavators – these have been the standard model in the plant hire sector and construction industry for many years and they come in a variety of weights and with different swing radius. These are heavy machines, that offer great power and effectiveness but less mobility than the smaller models. 

What to consider when choosing an excavator

There are a few things that will help you make the right choice when it comes to excavator hire. The first is what sort of excavator attachment hire comes with the model you choose. This makes a difference as to what size excavator will be most efficient for you, providing multiple applications in one model, and it does lead towards mini excavator hire if you are working in tight spaces.

You’ll want to know what the bucket capacity is of the excavator you are hiring, as this will lead to how much you can pick up and how fast certain tasks can be completed on site. The reach is also important, as with some jobs you might need the longer reach of large excavators. The same can be said for the dig depth you require and the lifting capacity. Most of the choice centres around the terrain, transport and access and the space that you have to work in. The tighter the access and the space, the more likely you are to choose mini excavator hire when choosing a contract plant hire company.

An Inexpensive But Very Efficient Way to Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned

With the hot summer coming in, it is time for you to use the air conditioner heavily yet again. But, you must get the AC serviced and cleaned to make sure that it is working properly. Due to heavy demand, the service providers may end up charging pretty high for the services. But with the help of an air conditioner cleaning foam, you can do the job on your own without any hassle. 

Moreover, the Norca From price ( ร์ ก้า โฟม ราคา, which is the term in Thai) is also very affordable which makes it a lot cheaper and convenient to get your air conditioning unit cleaned.

What Is Air Conditioner Cleaning Foam?

As the name suggests, an air conditioner cleaning foam is essentially a foamy substance that can be used for quickly cleaning the air conditioner. This foam is capable of cleaning different parts of the air conditioner including the coils of the air conditioner and the AC ducts. This foam can also get into the louver as well as any similar passage in the unit and get it cleaned. 

As the foam is sprayed into the unit, it is powerful enough to immediately get rid of any foul smell. It can also quickly remove dirt, bacterial or fungal growths, oil stains, or any other debris that is trapped in the air conditioning unit. 

How Does Using A Foam Cleaner Help?

The most important advantage of using foam air conditioner cleaners is that they are a lot cheaper than any of the professional cleaning services. The Norca From price is pretty low and it is very easy to afford. Moreover, it helps by improving the heat transfer in the AC and makes the cooling faster. Moreover, it also leaves behind a sweet fragrance of fresh flowers. 

How To Use A Foam Cleaner?

To Be Able To Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit, You Need To Follow The Steps Below:

  1. First and foremost make sure that the air conditioner is turned off. Spraying the foam on a running air conditioner would not be a wise idea.
  2. Once you have checked that the air conditioner is switched off, you will need to spray the foam. Make sure to spray it into the air ducts, the coils as well as the louvers in enough quantity to make sure that the cavities are filled with foam.
  3. Allow the foam to settle in the cavities for a minute or so. Then, you will have to turn the blower on. This will flush out the foam along with all the dirt and contaminants that had settled inside the AC. 
  4. A piece of paper or some sort of linen clothing needs to be placed in front of the louver to collect the contaminants. 

Say Goodbye to Padlocks and Switch to Smart Digital Door Lock

Everything aside, you wouldn’t want to compromise on your home security. We now live in a digital world where everything is interconnected; starting from smart speakers to smart bulbs and home automation systems, so why not upgrade to a robust smart digital lock like the Philips easykey for your home? If so, you might want to check out the types of digital lock from Philips at https://gatedoorwindow.com.sg/the-different-types-of-philips-easykey-digital-locks-for-your-home/.

Time To Upgrade Your Age-Old Padlocks To The Smart Digital Door Lock, Here’s Why:

It Is Convenient To Operate Keyless Entry Door Locks

Once you switch to a smart digital door lock system, the biggest change that you experience is that you can enter the house anytime you want without having to operate it with keys. You wouldn’t have to search for your keys and run into the chance of missing the same. Just enter your secret code on the digital lock panel to open the door. Based on what system you are using; you can also choose to enter with your smartphone. A digital smart lock also enables you to unlock your house from a faraway distance.

You Never Have To Run The Risk Of Being Locked Out

Thanks to a smart digital door lock, the chances of locking yourself outside while keeping your key inside accidentally are on the lower side. Since you can authenticate yourself through a smart digital door lock is easy, you would only need a mere fingerprint scan, a keypad numeric entry followed by a smartphone tap, in case you misplace your key fob. You also enjoy the luxury of unlocking the house from a supermarket, office, or any other part of the world when your child or someone has to enter the house without your presence there.

You Can Keep A Check On Whose Entering And Who Is Taking An Exit

A smart digital smart lock for home lets your tie up with various pins and passwords to multiple family members in your house. This will help you stay informed on who is making their entry and who is making their way out of the house, based on the entered pin. This will be of great help if in case you make sure that your children have reached home on time and safely.

Apart from this, always invest in a smart digital door lock with advanced features as a lot of the advanced features send messages to the authorities or the security agency if someone enters incorrect pins multiple times. Some of the features also allow you for lock reset in case of a burglary suspect. The benefits of switching to a smart digital door lock are endless. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to a digitalized door lock today for smarter and better security.

Knowing if Movers in Charlotte, North Carolina is Legit

4 Times You Need Packing and Unpacking Services | Nelson Westerberg

Do not let moving cons spoil your relocation process. While most companies in the United States are excellent and reputable businesses, there are still bad apples who are trying to dupe property owners. According to FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the number of complaints filed against fraudulent moving firms is rising – a lot of these complaints are because of rogue movers doing fraudulent practices. 

If you are going to spend money on this activity, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the moving firm is legit. After all, this activity is stressful enough without entrusting people’s precious belongings to the wrong company. The good news is, there are a lot of ways to check out a company’s credibility before people even pick up their phones. Here is how to know if a company can be trusted with your valuable items.

Is the company adequately insured and licensed?

Before hiring a firm, it is imperative to ensure that they are appropriately insured and licensed. The good news is, this article has done this for the readers – as every firm in professional mover organizations is required to be insured and licensed. People can find the list in moving organizations or group directories. 

It is crucial to note that while long-distance movers need to register with the government and can be found in the United States Department of Transportation system, local companies are only regulated by the government. Every state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to licensing moving firms, so people need to read up on their state’s requirements to make sure that the local mover is legit. 

Visit this site for more details about insurances in this industry.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, long-distance movers need to offer two kinds of liability options: A released and total protection value. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration defines these two options below.

Real value protection – It is the most economical protection available in the market today since most companies offer it at no extra charge. But it covers minimal protection. Under this kind of protection, the firm assumes liability for no more than 60 cents/pound per item. 

Full-value protection – The Company is liable for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost goods during the shipment. It is a more comprehensive insurance plan available for the protection of the client’s items. The cost of this plan differs from firm to firm. 

People can read more about the rules and regulations of both options on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. In addition to offering clients a liability option, the firm needs to have its own insurance. These organizations need to be able to provide proof of insurance if clients request it.

Are there complaints?

As most people used to say: “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” When individuals see more than one complaint from clients, homeowners need to take note. It usually signals a red flag. Individuals can check for official complaints from the FMCSA website by checking the reviews of each firm listed in the directory.

Suppose the individual is embarking on a long-distance relocation. In that case, they can also check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website directly to find out if there are official complaints. Every long-distance moving firm needs to obtain a United States Department of Transportation number. 

How to file complaints in the BBB? Check out https://www.thebalancesmb.com/filing-a-complaint-with-the-better-business-bureau-1794757 for details.

As part of the system, clients can now enter the company’s number into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s search engine. This tool reveals registered long-distance movers’ entire complaint history or the lack thereof. 

Experts also recommend visiting the BBB or Better Business Bureau website to see complaints filed against the intrastate or interstate firms. The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit company helping individuals find firms they can trust. If the Better Business Bureau has accredited the firm, it means that they have met the BBB’s accreditation standards.

What are the traits of reliable movers - SOS Moving Los Angeles

How are the reviews?

When it comes to finding a trustworthy and reputable professional or agency, checking reviews on directories is an excellent place to start. These directories include customer reviews for tons of firms all over the country. For the client’s convenience, review sites also have the firm’s United States Department of Tourism number, specific services, their fleet size, the BBB rating, official complaints filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as well as whether they had any association with AMSA or the American Moving & Storage Association. Experts also recommend clients asking their family members, friends, or neighbors for any recommendations.

Did the agency see the client’s items before giving an estimate?

Moving agencies need to perform either a video survey or in-person inspections of their client’s items before providing a quote. Otherwise, people could end up with bills that exceed the original estimate. If the professional or the agency offer to provide a quote over the Internet or the phone, based on the client’s account of the household items, they better run. It is a huge red flag, and it could mean a possible scam.

A simple rule to follow: any agency that quotes clients a firm price tag without surveying their items in-person or by video, there is a good chance that they should not be trusted. Experts recommend comparing three to five quotes from different agencies to make sure that clients get the best deal possible. 

After multiple inspections, movers like movers in Charlotte, NC, need to send client estimates and possible charges in writing. They should leave no unnecessary surprise costs later. If the firm quote is noticeably pretty expensive compared to other estimates, it should also be a red flag.

Is the agency professional?

Besides the technicalities when it comes to insurance policies and licenses, clients need to use their common sense when hiring a reputable agency. Make sure to look out for whether or not the agency is a true professional. Do they have a physical office and a working business email address? Are they part of a respectable van line? Are their workers wearing matching uniforms and driving professional trucks? Have they provided clients with a legit Bill of Landing? Are their estimates too good to be true? If your instinct tells you something is off, you need to listen.

How to choose a headboard according to the décor of the room?

We have to bear in mind that headboard is a quite important piece of our bedroom since it is the one that will determine the decoration line of the room, apart from the bed being the point of attention where everyone will turn their gaze upon entering. It will also depend on the headboard whether the bed looks bigger or smaller.    

What should I take into account?

The first thing we have to take into account is what type of decoration we want to give to the environment. We recommend earth, chocolate, wine or black as trendy colors, all of them colors pulling into the dark range. The second point is the size and to find the correct one we must take into account the functionality factor: what function will our headboard fulfill. 

The third point is the quality of the fabric that makes up the Upholstery in Dubai. It is essential that it be made of a perfectly breathable material or that it offers us good ventilation. Keeping these aspects in mind, you can choose the best design from dozens of Wicker Headboards models. Of course, price is a big concern. 

What size headboard to choose?

Size is a very important point to take into account when choosing a headboard. We have to know that depending on how we choose it, we can focus the attention of the room on it and thus give a different touch to our decoration. On the contrary, we can choose one of quite neutral shapes and colors so that it does not influence the style of our bedroom too much. Personally, we recommend that if the room is small, the headboard does not have to be very large since it would take up a lot of space that we can use to hang pictures.

What headboard color is right for my room?

This will vary depending on the decoration we already have in our room or depending on the decoration we want to give it. If we are thinking of giving our room a futuristic design, we will never choose light colors. If what we want is to give it a touch of depth, we must choose a dark headboard and if we want our room to be more spacious, then we have to opt for the use of fairly light colors. 

What type of material should I choose?

The type of material is not a relevant thing in terms of quality. Normally, the aesthetic part is also the most important. So we will choose a vintage headboard if we want to give our room a bohemian touch, or we can give it a rustic touch if we choose a wooden headboard. If what we want is to give it a more romantic touch, we will choose a wrought iron one. 

Tied to this is the texture of our headboard that can help to finish establishing this type of decorative atmosphere that we want to give to our room. We must know that upholstered headboards are more flexible when combining as they fit into any type of environment, whether modern or classic.

7 Tips To Get Your Apartment Decorating Right

Those who live in condominiums like Kaset condo for example (คอนโด เกษตร which is the term in Thai) know that the offer of compact apartments has increased in recent times. Therefore, many people find it difficult to leave the property comfortable and adequately furnished without impairing circulation. Thinking about it, we list below seven small apartment decoration tips that can ease this challenge. Check out:

1. Invest In Smart Furniture

Suppose the apartment residents like to enjoy their free time in front of the television. In that case, the good idea is to bet on the retractable and reclining sofa, which offers comfort to users with simple position adjustments without taking up the entire area room.

The same rule applies to small rooms, where suspended beds are welcome. The most recent models are accompanied by a desk positioned in the space between the mattress and the floor. This is a great resource for school children and teenagers.

2. Prefer Light Colors

When painting walls or even choosing furniture, give preference to light tones. They convey a sense of spaciousness and do not overwhelm the decor.

Even so, if you can’t resist a more vibrant color, choose to use them in decorative objects or furniture with an ornamental vocation, such as armchairs, puffs, and chairs.

3. Bet On Wallpapers

To ease the restriction of strong tones, the solution is to use wallpapers, which give a touch of color in the right measure.

In the bedroom or living room, wallpaper with vertical stripes makes the room larger. If you choose the prints, choose the small figures.

4. Use The Mirror Trick

Like the light colors, if well positioned, the mirror gives the impression that the room is bigger than it looks. And anyone wishing to use this technique should give preference to large mirrors.

The trick works well in the dining room. Cover one wall entirely. If the table is rectangular, distribute the chairs along the length of the furniture and leave the ends free, returning one of them to the mirror. The reflection will lengthen the table and, consequently, the room.

5. Use And Abuse The Sausages

The market offers a good variety of built-in furniture, in addition to the traditional wardrobe. If possible, replace the room rack with a panel, which can be attached to the wall and free up more space. The suspended lamps are also great substitutes for the lampshade and are high on the decor.

6. Grow A Vertical Mini Garden

Lovers of flowers, plants, and vegetable gardens can grow them in the apartment, following the vertical garden trend. To assemble it, prefer the smaller (succulent) and lighter species, which can be hung in pots.

With the support of pallets or wooden panels, distribute the plants on the wall of a room, such as a balcony or the leisure area. In this case, find out if your condominium has restrictions on the use of facades and external environments.

7. Search For Other Wildcards For Small Apartment Decor

Residents who have many books, collectibles, or treats purchased on trips can display these objects on shelves or niches, two great allies of any decorating project. When installing, take into account the law of silence in force in your building.

And if a wall is missing to separate the kitchen from the living room, use different floors in each space to mark the limits. The same should be done between the living and dining rooms with a simpler feature: use the rug, but don’t overuse the size.

Tips To Consider When Choosing The Best Door For Your House

It has been a while since the doors are no longer mere objects with functionality to open and close entry and exit gaps. Therefore, choosing the ideal door like garage door (ประตู โรงรถ which is the term in Thai) for example makes all the difference when it comes to your home or establishment. Do you know that story that “the first impression is what remains”? Well, maybe you don’t even believe it, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. Get to know some tricks when choosing the ideal door. Save time, money and make the best purchase for your home, apartment, office.

1. when choosing the colors, you can choose colors that are very striking, like yellow, red, green but remember to make the colors of the environment softer so that there is no conflict of visuals. Otherwise, instead of a stylish place, you will have a very tacky environment.

2 – Aluminum doors are always very welcome, both inside and outside the house, in addition to being excellent for places where there is a greater flow of water, such as bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens.

3 – When choosing your entrance door, for sure, you will have a preference for one that is imposing, beautiful, that attracts attention. Well, it can even be different and stand out from the other doors of the building. But remember, internal doors must follow a pattern.

4 – Sliding doors are excellent options when it comes to saving space. Ideal for small spaces. Another idea is to embed a mirror, giving the feeling that the environment is bigger than it is. In addition, models that have glass offer lighter and lightness to space.

5 – Avoid pasting stickers and posters on doors. This is because the glue from these products tends to damage the door material and not be aesthetically beautiful.

Rubber Flooring tile benefits for houses

Rubber has a number of excellent properties that have made it a very common flooring choice for commercial and high-density areas. Rubber flooring is also making its way into residential structural and functional applications as it comes in a multitude of colors, designs, and textures out of which Loft pattern rubber tile [กระเบื้องยางลายลอฟท์, which is the term in Thai] is the most preferred one by customers.

However, these benefits should be considered before coming to a decision regarding your flooring.

Maintenance and Care – Rubber flooring is very simple to maintain. It can usually be cleaned with only a moist mop. Natural rubber flooring is more stain-resistant than rubber products like floor tiles. Some forms may be polished with liquid wax to develop resistance to damage and dark spots, but wax must be removed and reactivated on a regular basis, necessitating its own upkeep.

Design – Rubber flooring comes in a variety of designs, shapes, colors, and textures which can be used to decorate your home floor. You can also get your rubber flooring designs customized as per your preferences and choices.

Easy installation – Rubber tiles are one of the most simplistic flooring options. Some tile products have interlocking sides, while others have an edge pin mechanism to keep the tiles connected. A sharp knife can simply break tiles. Rubber tiles can also be installed easily with glue.

Comfort and Convenient – Rubber flooring’s most well-known advantage is that it is sturdy, durable, and robust in a variety of environments. Correct care for a rubber floor can make it last for a long time, based on the type of tile used and the atmosphere in which it is mounted. Rubber flooring is fragile underfoot, despite its toughness which makes it ideal for exercise rooms and playrooms. Its elasticity makes it easier and comfortable to walk on the tiles.