5 Common Mistakes You Can Make When Decorating Their Home

Decorating is very crucial since it makes your home unique and beautiful. However, most people don’t know where to start or how to decorate and end up creating a mess instead. Decorating involves a lot, such as knowing the color you need and the furniture necessary and ensuring they are well done and set. Making a mistake makes the process expensive as you try to reverse the things you have put in and buy new ones. To avoid all these, you need to research and know the modern trends and the best designs available such as PVC wall panels, to make your house look beautiful without much stress. Knowing the mistakes most people make helps you learn and avoid them. This article will outline the common mistakes you can make when decorating your home.

  1. Failure to Consider Functionality

When choosing any item or design to decorate your home, it’s good to focus on its functionality and bring the necessary ones. Most people buy items for their sake and only fill space without meeting their purpose. You can consider using multipurpose pieces such as the shelves to help make the place beautiful and as storage.

  1. Poor Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in making everything look brighter. It’s important to consider incorporating multiple layers of lighting at different heights, such as table lamps, floor lamps accent lights. Additionally, you can consider using the pendant lights in the ceiling while using the under-the-kitchen lighting, which helps to create an ideal illuminated space.

  1. Using Unproportional Furniture

Most people buy furniture because it looks beautiful without considering if it will fit in their desired space. It’s important to measure first the space you want to put the furniture in to avoid it becoming too small or too big. You can consider using streamlined or sleek furniture if you have a compact dwelling. At the same time, you can consider using ornamental and bulk pieces in spacious homes. This will help you save money and ensure the furniture is not damaged when trying to force it to fit the place you want.

  1. Having Cluttered Spaces

A cluttered home can feel stressful and chaotic, with everything scattered everywhere. When planning to start decorating your home, you need to declutter things that you no longer need. This helps you organize things properly, making the space look beautiful and clean. You can also consider contacting wire managers to provide wires that match your walls.

  1. Overdecorating

Decorating is a sensitive subject, and most people confuse decoration by putting everything they find in their wally, making the place look cramped. When decorating, you don’t need to use much furniture or photographs hanging on the wall for the place to look beautiful. Arranging small pieces of décor and creating a focal point is essential. This helps to create a great statement. Additionally, you can consider dedicating a wall, placing well-thought photographs, and paying attention to placement.

Bottom Line!

The above mistakes are, and you can find yourself doing. However, incorporate the solution given to ensure your house look organized, and every décor brings out a good statement. Depending on your preference, either the modern or rustic, choose wisely pierces that will look great on your wall and home.


If hosting parties is your thing, you undoubtedly enjoy coming up with creative ideas to ensure your visitors have a great time. An incredible decor is a fantastic starting point! When it comes to simple and inexpensive decorations, there are countless options, and here are some ways to create the perfect party atmosphere and set the tone wherever.

Reconsider your walls. 

Replace the pictures and artwork in your frames temporarily with images aligning with the theme of your party. Swags and garlands, which provide beautiful backdrops for the food table, can also be used in place of them.

Dress up the wall with a sequin shimmer wall backdrop for the ultimate photoshoot moment. Alternatively, a printed tape may turn a plain wall into a colorful design to celebrate an occasion at home. For simple party décor, hang glitter-finished stripes on the wall in complementary but opposing colors like gold and white.

Tissue pom-pom decorations 

Creating your pom-poms is a wonderfully classy, lovely party decorating idea for your home. They not only take a little effort to put together but also make a great party decoration.

Making a pom-pom only requires table tissue. These are the most straightforward ways to decorate your home for any event. These pom-poms are easy to make by following a DIY tutorial on the internet, and you can give them away or hang them on walls.

Freshen up the table. 

Use a tablecloth or a few yards of fabric to cover the dining or service tables for an instantly polished appearance. (Pro tip: For a no-sew edge, request that the fabric retailer cut the material with pinking shears.) However, don’t be scared to take inspiration from your party’s theme if you prefer neutrals like cream: Pick a crimson color scheme for the holidays or a playing card theme for a casino party.

Bring the outside within. 

Tropical events benefit significantly from plants and flowers, but they also breathe life into any gathering. Bring some outdoor potted plants, pick up some fresh plants or flowers from the farmers market, or cut some blooms or branches from your yard. If you place a few flowers in tiny containers around the house, even a simple floral arrangement makes a big impression.

Lighting creates an atmosphere. 

Switch white light bulbs for colored ones to produce a cool impression for holidays with strong color connotations, such as Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day. Candles should be lit throughout the home, and you can set light dimmers low once dusk has fallen.

Utilize trays to organize. 

Depending on the style of occasion, arrange food, beverages, and favors on fanciful or elegant trays. They make the ideal organizer for everyday items like TV remotes, sunglasses, and keys after the party.

Don’t overlook the doorway. 

Welcome visitors with a sign or balloons at the front door to let them know they are at the right place. Place a chair or bench by the entryway so visitors can store their items there if coat racks and hooks aren’t available for them to use.

Why Motorized Curtains Are Becoming So Popular Nowadays?

Motorized curtains are one of the most luxurious investments that can spruce up your entire space, make your life convenient, and give you strong control over temperature, privacy, and light. These window coverings can be either hardwired or wireless battery-powered. You can choose the one that fits best your needs. Let’s have a look at why these automated window solutions are considered the best option.

  1. Motorized Curtains Can Better Insulate Your home

Do you want to enhance the energy efficiency of your house while you are not there? Motorized curtains could be the better solution for doing so. You can now better insulate your house by scheduling their open and close timings during specific times to cool your home in the summer and conserve heat loss in the winter.

As these window coverings offer strong control over light, you can allow the light as much as possible and avoid turning on extra lamps and lights.

  • Maximize Safety Levels For Your Little Ones

Corded window systems can sometimes be hazardous to your kids and pets. And this is something you might be getting worried about. Surprisingly, all motorized curtains come without cords. So, you’ll not have to restrict your little ones from playing near the windows.

  • Make Your Furnishings Long-Lasting

Direct exposure to sunlight can badly affect your home furnishings including floor and furniture. With motorized curtains, you can protect your possessions from being damaged. No matter whether you are at home or not, you can schedule these window dressings to remain closed during the day, especially during peak hours. Installing wireless wall-mounted sun sensors can detect heat or light and operate your motorized curtains accordingly.

  • Secure Your Home While In Your Absence.

The automatic movement of your motorized curtains gives the impression to thieves and burglars that someone is inside the home. This will add a level of security to your home. Don’t you think this is one of the best ways of securing your house?

  • Give You Ease To Adjust

When you’re busy reading a book, cooking dinner, feeding a baby, on a zoom call, teaching the kids, or even if you are sleeping and don’t want to get up from your couch to control your window coverings manually….you don’t need to stop your activities. You can open and close your motorized curtains even while busy with your activities.

  • Integrate With Your Existing Smart Home System

Motorized curtains integrated with the existing home automation system means you can seamlessly control them via a tablet, a phone app, individual wall switches, or remote control.

  • Reduce The Cleaning Time

As you don’t operate your motorized curtains manually, this eliminates the chances of dirt and stains. Your window coverings will operate smoothly and stay cleaner.

  • Maintains Your Privacy Levels

Have big windows in your house? Installing motorized curtains could be a wonderful solution as they can enhance your privacy levels with their quick operation. You can also set them to remain close during the night.

These are some reasons why motorized curtains are becoming trendy these days. However, make sure to buy these window coverings from a reputable company if you want them to long last.

Consult the Right Deck Builders to Find the Best Answers

A face-to-face visit with the deck builders who will be working on your deck is a great way to find out whether your ideas for the project translate well from what you’ve described over the phone. Planning a time to meet with your contractor and review the job site together is essential. The contractor should be able to inspect the site where the deck will be built to see whether the deck you have in mind is in keeping with the surrounding landscape. The potential contractor’s ability to work in a team setting and contribute to a larger whole may also be assessed in this manner. The following are things to consider while looking for a contractor:

Have You Prepared A Questionnaire For Deck Builders?

A face-to-face meeting with your contractor is not the time to wing it. Preparation is crucial when conducting interviews with freelancers. Stop worrying about it! During the planning phases of a deck build, they are used to answering many inquiries from curious clients. Making sure the right questions are answered at the outset of the project may help ensure that everyone is on the same page from the get-go. A visit to https://decksforlife.ca/ is the perfect solution here.

Find Out How Much It Will Cost.

Obtain quotations from all potential contractors before signing any contracts. An in-depth description of the required work, together with the associated expenses, should be requested for your project. This data may serve as a benchmark against which other contractors’ replies to job-related interviews can be evaluated.

Communicate With One Another

It is crucial that you and your contractor maintain all lines of communication open after work has commenced on a project. If you don’t keep your contractor’s contact information close at hand, you might miss important phone calls or have emails sent to your spam folder. In case anybody else working on the project wants to get in touch with you, make sure they have your contact information. You should have been able to ask your contractor any questions you had about how he or she would handle problems during the interview.

Be careful to document any alterations to the deck’s building process.

Even the most well-thought-out strategies may sometimes backfire. Your deck’s or porch’s completion date may be delayed if problems arise that weren’t anticipated, such as those related to access or the weather. Your ordered items may be out of stock or delayed in production, or the packaging may have been damaged during shipping. Writing down your suggestions and changes to the project is crucial. If there is a problem with the job being done, you and your contractor will be protected in this way.

Make sure you keep your buyer’s credibility intact.

It’s one thing to make a list of what you’re looking for in a contractor, and it’s another to put in the effort to be a good client in return. It’s crucial that you value the time that your contractor puts into your project. You should do everything you can to keep their work area as tidy and clear as possible. Keep the kids and the dogs out of their office while they’re working. They’ll be able to accomplish their jobs more effectively, guaranteeing the protection of your loved ones at the same time.


 Are you planning to rent a moving container? The use of moving containers is one of the safest ways to deliver your items but some of the items aren’t suitable to keep inside the storage container so you must need to know about it before packing and moving your belongings into your new residence. Let’s take a look at the items that you should never keep inside your moving container.

Every moving company has certain policies regarding the valuable items that you can’t store in the moving container So you need to prepare a separate personal box to keep all those items secure during your moving journey. The valuable items that you should avoid storing in the containers include Money, Jewelry, Furs, Firearms, Computer software or programs, Credit cards, Medicine, Financial documents, Sentimental items, Family heirlooms, Electronics, Medical and dental records, School records, Laptops, Collections, Keys, Checkbooks, Photo, Photo albums, Car titles, and Cell phones.

There are also chances that your moving company won’t allow you to add the plants in the moving container so before packing the plants you must check the respective site from where you are taking moving services.  The chemical-containing materials that you need to avoid include Fertilizer, Paints, Paint, thinner, Aerosols, Cleaning solvents, Propane tanks, Poisons, Motor oil, Charcoal, Pool chemicals, Scuba tanks, Pesticides, Batteries, Acids, Charcoal lighter fluid, Fire extinguisher, Gasoline, loaded guns, Nail polish remover, Ammonia, and Matches.

Perishables or unopened food can be very risky to add to your moving container so the better approach is to Avoid packing perishable food such as milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and refrigerated food items. On a moving day, you should discard or donate all those items to someone who likes to have it. If you looking for a more trustworthy moving company, visit Moving companies San Rafael and start a successful move.

Address: San Rafael and nearby areas

The Advantages of Routine Rodent Inspections

Mice, rats, and other rodents can damage a home significantly. They are not only harmful to one’s health, but they may also inflict significant damage. That is why our Bay Area Rodent Solutions specialists are so enthused about what they do. We realize the need to conduct regular rodent inspections to ensure that any problems are identified and corrected as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the benefits of regular rodent inspections.

Early Warning Signs

A professional rodent inspection can help you uncover potential rodent issues before they cause major damage. While most rats are harmless, a few species can be hazardous to your property and health. A professional inspector will be able to identify the sort of rodents present and advise on how to deal with them effectively. In many circumstances, simply removing food and water sources may keep rodents from entering your home. More drastic measures, such as blocking off entry points or establishing traps, may be required in more severe cases. If these warning signs are discovered early, most rodent problems can be easily handled.

Avoiding Damage

Homeowners sometimes ignore rodent inspections, despite the fact that they can play a crucial role in preventing damage to your home. Chewing through electrical wires, insulation, and other materials can be quite dangerous. By urinating and defecating everywhere they go, they can potentially contaminate food and spread disease. As a result, you should have your home inspected for rodents on a regular basis. Because rodents reproduce quickly, an infestation can soon become out of control if not dealt with quickly.

Our skilled inspectors will be able to identify signs of rodent activity and take preventative measures to avoid an infestation. Our rodent inspector will come to your home or business and do a complete top-to-bottom inspection to find any openings where rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, or other wildlife may be entering. This includes the following:

  • The entire exterior perimeter
  • Crawl spaces
  • Basements
  • Decks that connect to other decks
  • Roof decks Garages
  • When evidence is discovered, interior living areas are also searched

The inspector will be able to recommend ways to reduce the risk of rodents in the future. In order to prevent further infestations, we also recommend rodent exclusion repairs.

Rodent Exclusion Repairs

Rodent exclusion repairs are critical to keeping rodents out of your home. Our team can assist keep rats out of your house by fixing holes in windows and window frames, replacing ripped window screens, and restoring missing window panes. Adding door sweeps to any outdoor doors is another common exclusion repair that helps keep rodents away. Adopting these practices may assist in keeping rats out of your home and protecting your family from infections they may carry.

If you suspect that you have a rodent infestation in your home, you should have a professional inspection. Bay Area Rodent Remedies conducts comprehensive assessments to identify potential problems and provide solutions. We have the knowledge and ability to correctly identify rodents and provide appropriate treatments, so you can be confident that your home is pest-free. For more information on rodent control or to schedule an inspection, please contact us now.

How to Make Certain Your Homeowners Insurance Covers Roof Replacement

You may take your roof for granted, but a storm, a fallen tree, or even pesky squirrels can cause serious damage. If your roof has been damaged, you can make a homeowners insurance claim to offset the potentially disastrous costs. You might be unclear about where to start, and this article will help put you on the right path. If you do not follow the correct procedures for filing a roofing claim, your insurance company may deny your claim. Here are the five steps to getting homeowners insurance to cover roof replacement costs.

Examine the Policy Thoroughly

Check to see if your roofing coverage is still active before filing a claim. Some insurance policies exclude roof repairs. If you have any questions, you can email your agent or request a copy in the mail.

Most roof coverage policies include coverage for repairs or replacements. Repair coverage may not cover all costs. The homeowner’s insurance coverage may cover the cost of a new roof. This coverage is only available for severely damaged roofs that cannot be repaired.

Avoid Being a Victim of Scammers

Many victims of insurance fraud can be found in communities devastated by extreme weather. They offer low-cost, rapid treatments to those in need. Scammers are infamous for making big promises and taking large sums of money. They then leave as fast as they can. These con artists are skilled at making things look legitimate. Homeowners should be cautious before employing anyone or promised money. They go door to door looking for homeowners who have sustained significant damage. They make a lot of promises but never keep them. Do your research on the firm before signing a contract. Request references and reviews from prior clients and look for a license.

Conduct Your Investigation

Contact a trustworthy roofing company with insurance claims experience once you’ve made your roofing insurance claim. They will inspect the roof. They can inspect your roof and report back to your insurance company. If your insurance company does not hire professionals, they may pay for a roof inspection. This operation is known as home ladder assist and can be performed by a roofing company or a ladder assist inspection service. If you take responsibility and employ your own inspectors, the insurance company may provide you with the best opportunity of getting your roof repaired.

Think About Your Deductible

The amount you pay to repair the damage before your insurance company pays the rest is known as your deductible. Some insurers may offer specific coverage for hail and wind damage caused by hurricanes. In other words, your policy deductible may be higher if your roof is damaged in a hurricane. Fires, for example, are subject to the normal deductible.

Maintain Contact with Your Agent

The process of filing a claim should be handled by your insurance agent. After then, your agent should inform you of any additional requirements the insurance company may have in order to approve the claim.

An insurance company will go through a number of processes depending on where you live. When your insurance claim is approved, your agent can help you get the job started. The agent will typically coordinate with the roofing contractor to arrange repairs and get payment.

Nobody wants to think about their home being destroyed by a storm, but if it happens, you’ll be glad you took the time to ensure your homeowners’ insurance policy covers roof repair. Following these tips may help you to be prepared for calamities. In the meantime, maintain in touch with your agent so that you are always updated on your coverage. Contact Point Roofing Company right now if you need assistance with a ladder aid inspection!

What To Look For If You Think Your Roofing Contractor Is Taking Advantage of You

The thought of being taken advantage of is never pleasant, but it is necessary to be alert to the indicators that your roofing contractor is taking advantage of you. You may avoid excessive costs and ensure that you’re getting the greatest possible service if you know what to look for. On the lookout for the telltale indications of a questionable roofing contractor?

First and foremost, you should be on the lookout for a contractor that lacks insurance. This is a significant red signal since it suggests that if something goes wrong, you might be held accountable.

If a contractor demands full payment up front, it’s another red flag. Deposits for materials are typically all that is required by a reputable contractor. Another thing to watch out for is pressure to sign a contract or make a choice right away. Good contractors are patient and will allow you to make the best option for your roof. The best course of action is to look elsewhere for a roofer if any of these warning signs appear. However, a professional roofing contractor would gladly provide a list of satisfied customers.

You can learn a lot about the contractor’s work ethic and how they treat their clients by talking to their references. A reputable roofing company will also have proper documentation of licensing and insurance. This protects you in the event that something goes wrong during the course of the job. Finally, a reliable roofing company will stand behind their work with a warranty. When you know your money is safe, it’s easier to relax. Keep these items in mind when you search for a roofing contractor. You’ll know you’re making the right decision if you do this.

Point Roofing is committed to adhering to the highest industry standards. Since we began as successful general contractors over ten years ago, we have expanded our business. The Better Business Bureau has awarded Point Roofing with an A+ rating, an accomplishment of which we are quite proud. We guarantee that we will treat your property with the same degree of care and courtesy that we would provide to our very own.

Repairs, custom roofs, re-roofing, consultations, gutters, siding, and window inspections are just some of the other services that we do. Among other types of buildings, we have experience working on single-family homes, apartment complexes, and commercial structures.

Because we have a great deal of experience in the fields of roofing and restoration, we are able to provide a comprehensive selection of items that have been specifically picked to fulfill the requirements that you have provided. We have a staff of trained professionals that are dedicated to ensuring that each project is completed to the highest possible standards of excellence and that the end result is satisfactory to the client. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to take advantage of our complimentary roof inspection service. Visit www.prr247.com to learn more or view our work.

Finding Window Contractors

There are a few things to take into account when searching for qualified window contractors. Find a reliable company with a proven track record of performance is the first and essential step. Do your research in advance because there are many dodgy contractors that will take your money and run. When searching for the best window contractors, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

A License Is Required

Verify the company’s insurance and license status. In the event of an accident or damage during the installation process, this will protect you. Run away right away if they refuse to show you a license!

Investigate Reputation

Asking friends or family who have recently installed windows for ideas is a good idea. This will provide you a clear idea of the business’s capacity to deliver high-quality work.

Request Pricing ASAP

Before making a decision, get as many different estimates as you can from several contractors. You will benefit greatly from this and be able to receive the greatest pricing for your new windows.


Never be afraid to barter. If you don’t ask, you won’t know! Try to negotiate with a contractor if they want to charge you more than you think is fair. With a little work, you should be able to get the pricing you want.

Finding the best window contractors for your needs shouldn’t be difficult if you keep these points in mind. Consider a wide range of service providers before making a decision, and don’t be ashamed to get recommendations from those who have recently had work done. With a little research, you’ll be able to choose the best contractor for your home.

Qualities of Professional Window Contractors

There are a few indicators that your choice of window contractor is sound. Check to see if any of these are present in yours. Good window installers frequently:

Professional and on time Subject matter experts Able to address any worries you may have Go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction

accommodating with regard to any difficulties you may be having

Willing to work with you to ensure that you are happy with the final product

can help you with any questions relating to windows

Excellent contractors will go above and beyond to ensure the superiority of their goods and services. This maintains client satisfaction and brings in recommendations on its own. If you’ve chosen wisely, you’ll see that it possesses all of these qualities and perhaps even more!

After Hiring a Contractor: Next Steps

It’s important to follow a few steps after choosing the best contractor for your home improvement project to ensure everything goes as planned. Obtain an accurate cost estimate for the project that accounts for labor, materials, and any other expenses. Once a price has been agreed upon, be sure to put everything in writing by signing a contract. This will safeguard both you and the contractor in the event of a dispute. Making a schedule and selecting start and finish dates is the next step. This will help to keep any delays or interruptions at bay. Lastly, keep the lines of communication open with your contractor throughout the project. This will increase the likelihood that everyone will follow the same plan and complete the assignment to your expectations. By following these simple procedures, you can make sure that your home remodeling job goes successful.

ADUs as a Remote Workspace

Work from home offices are taking the world by storm, but it’s hard to carve out office space from a living room or spare bedroom. It always feels like it’s not quite an office. Instead of worrying about where you’re going to put your new remote office, take a look at the idea of using an ADU or accessory dwelling unit instead.

Work-from-home offices are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but it can be challenging to create an office area in a living room or an extra bedroom. It never exactly feels like one would be in an office setting. Look into the possibility of utilizing an ancillary dwelling unit, also known as an ADU, as your new remote office rather than spending time worrying about finding a suitable location for it.

Private Work Area

Having a private work area is essential to ensure you’re successful in your remote position. An ADU can be customized with shelves, desks, and any other office equipment that you may need, allowing you to work comfortably with everything you need at your fingertips. Having an ADU for your remote position also ensures your office is set up outside of your home, so you don’t have to feel at work when you’re at home. If you want to be successful in a career that requires you to work remotely, setting up a private workspace is absolutely necessary.

You are able to work in comfort with everything you require, easily accessible when you have an ADU that has been designed with shelves, workstations, and any other office equipment that you might require. Having an ADU to accommodate your remote employment also means that your office will be set up somewhere other than your house, relieving you of the need to feel like you are at work even when you are at home. If you don’t have a private work area, you can become distracted.

Minimized Distractions

ADUs come in several different types, including ADUs in Redwood, but regardless of the type, they can help minimize distractions during your workday. Your day-to-day life can be distracting; there are dishes and the laundry piles up, making it hard to focus on your job. Having an ADU puts all of that out of sight, allowing you to focus on the work in front of you and the task at hand instead of being distracted by all of the life-related tasks on your to-do list.

Easily Organizable

Regardless of your organizational skill level, you can be confident in one thing; small spaces are easy to clean quickly. You can easily incorporate a wide variety of shelves and desks to ensure that your experience in your ADU is as clean and well managed as possible. Instead of just a disorganized mess wrapped up in a box. ADUs are easy to organize because of their size, helping you to ensure that you can stay on track to get as much work done as possible.

One thing you can be sure of, regardless of how well organized you are, is that confined areas are simple and straightforward to clean in a short amount of time. Your experience in your ADU can be made to be as organized and well-managed as is humanly feasible by simply including a wide variety of shelves and desks, which can be done with relative ease. Instead of just a jumbled mass that is wrapped up in a box. Because of their size, ADUs are simple to manage, which makes it easier for you to make sure that you can stay on track to get as much work done as is humanly possible.

Keep Work and Home Separate

ADUs are built separately from your home, helping to keep your work life and your actual life balanced. A work-life balance is essential for you to be able to do your job effectively, and with an ADU, you can easily separate your home and your office. Separation of your workspace and office space helps your brain differentiate between what it’s doing as well. In time you’ll associate walking into your ADU with going to work.

You must maintain a healthy work-life balance in order to be an efficient employee, and an ADU allows you to effortlessly separate your home and your place of business. Your brain is better able to discriminate between what it is doing and other tasks when your desk and office environment are kept separate. Over time, you will come to equate entering your ADU with beginning your workday.

Design It For You

You’re going to work best in an environment that works for you, so design it for you. Do you like lots of open space and plants, so be it. Prefer a small dark space to work away; it’s completely possible. Regardless of how you want your workspace, you can make it that way; just keep in mind any zoom meetings you may have to inevitably attend. It’s never a bad thing to have an office that works well for you, so pick out your favorite colors and make your ADU work to help keep you productive.

Keep Pets and Children at Bay

Depending on your line of work, you may not necessarily be working with things that are safe for pets or small people. Regardless of your line of work, it is incredibly important to have a space away from pets and children so you can work. Being able to set your workspace away from pets and children makes it easier to actually get to work and stay productive throughout the day, instead of finding your children drawing on important paperwork or your cat stepping on your keyboard and sabotaging a work email. Visit our website here www.actonadu.com to find out more about our ADUs!

Using an ADU as a remote working environment has a slew of benefits, from managing your work-life balance to keeping you on task and much more. Regardless of why you’re looking to get a remote work environment, just know that the increase in remote opportunities ensures that there will be plenty of remote jobs in the future. This fact makes the decision to build a remote ADU office space even more sound. If you’re looking to build an ADU for a remote office, feel free to call us today!

The Proper Window Cleaning Equipment for High Windows

Having to clean high windows is a chore that almost no homeowner enjoys. Whether these windows be skylight windows or floor to ceiling windows on a high floor, cleaning them is always no easy feat, especially without the proper tools and window cleaning equipment. In this post, we take a look at the dangers of cleaning high windows improperly and examine some of the proper tools that you can use to clean high windows. 

Dangers of Cleaning High Windows Improperly

Cleaning high windows can be challenging, especially when you do it without the proper tools and safety precautions. One of the most common dangers that homeowners face when cleaning high windows is the risk of falling. If you clean your high windows with an unproperly secured ladder, one false step could easily cause you to lose your balance and fall, injuring yourself. 

Safety risks aside, you could also easily damage your windows when cleaning them. When you are unable to reach a high window normally, it may be tempting to use a makeshift pole to access the window. However, if this pole isn’t equipped with the proper window cleaning attachments, you could just as easily end up spreading the grime around your window’s surface instead of actually cleaning it. Worse still, you may even end up scratching or shattering your windows by accident. 

Proper Tools for Cleaning High Windows

Given the dangers and risks of using improper tools to clean high windows, you may be wondering what you can use instead to clean your high windows. Here are some of the essentials:

Water Fed Poles

Water fed poles are specialised window cleaning poles that can often be connected to a water supply. When connected, they will feed this water supply directly to the window surface. This enables you to reach a high window without needing to climb a ladder and risk endangering your health and safety. 


Water fed poles can also support a variety of window cleaning attachments, one of the main ones being squeegees. Squeegees are effectively window scrapers that often come with rubber blades, and you can commonly see professional window cleaners using them to clean windows. 

Squeegees are typically used to scrape off any remaining dirt and grime left on a window after scrubbing them or cleaning them with water. You can combine them with water fed poles and window cleaning detergents to maximise the effectiveness of your cleaning and get your windows back to pristine condition. 

Get Your Window Cleaning Supplies at Window Cleaning Online

If you’re searching for window cleaning equipment for high windows, look no further. Window Cleaning Online is Australia’s number one supplier of professional window cleaning supplies. We have an extensive catalogue of window cleaning equipment for all types of windows, high and low, ranging from window cleaning poles to squeegees and microfibre cloths. Browse our catalogue today or get in touch with us to discuss your window cleaning equipment needs.