Passive Houses: A New Concept Of Ecological Housing

It is crucial that architects adopt projects to intelligent design and the evolution of technology, seeking a much more efficient conception of bioclimatic conditions.

Architectural design seeks that a passive house is based on supporting design in the natural resources provided by geography and climate to control the interior comfort conditions of buildings.

The distribution of a condo near Chao Phraya River (คอนโด ติดแม่น้ําเจ้าพระยา, which is the term in Thai) will always depend on the local conditions of the place, seeking to take advantage of the weather conditions, either ventilation or heating, as the case may be.

Characteristics Of Passive Houses

The passive house concept can support different types of buildings, taking advantage of different construction systems. The characteristics that a house must have to be included within the group of passive houses are summarized in:

  1. Bioclimatic Design

The design of construction must take into account when planning the work, the climate and the orientation to take advantage of the sun’s rays, that is, to achieve this type of housing it is necessary for the architect to carefully study the conditions of the location, geography and climate.

  1. Thermal And Acoustic Insulation

This type of home is characterized by saving up to 30% of the energy that is normally wasted due to the lack of its systems to insulate the building thermally. In fact, between 20% and 30% of energy can be lost through elements such as doors or windows with low thermal insulation quality. Additionally, the implementation of a correctly located window allows dust, pollen or other allergenic agents not to enter the home, allowing a healthy environment, without allergies or diseases derived from unwanted external agents.

  1. Correct Ventilation

An essential element is a ventilation since it allows you to renew the air. Maintaining appropriate levels of interior comfort implies controlling the exchange between interior and exterior, as the case may be by geographic location. The appropriate levels of interior comfort generate an adequate experience in living, since natural ventilation is a good strategy to maintain a pleasant temperature inside a home, either in winter or in summer.

Transportable Homes: Top 3 Advantages

Transportable homes arethe buzzword of 2020. For people who like to live on the edge and love traveling, a transportable home is the best option. Aside from being cheaper than a conventional home in a building, your portable home is cost-effective. If you have heard this word a lot in your peer group,then it is time to know what are transportable homes?

Perks of Living In A House That Moves With You

Living in a portable home has several benefits over a fixed real estate. Here are the top 3 advantages for a home you can take with you.

1.    Easily Relocate

One of the many benefits of a transportable home is the freedom of relocation. You don’t have to worry about finding a new house in a good locality. With your house ready to move with you, there are no limits to where you can relocate.

If frequent traveling and yearly stays are in your job description, then buying a house every time is a costly decision.

2.    Cutting Down Cost

Real estate is the only market that has seen a shorter decrease in price, and lengthier increases. Buying a new house has become more costly during the years, and a lot of people can’t afford one for themselves. Transportable houses are an affordable option because off-site construction reduces the cost of transporting raw material to your location.

3.    Quality Control And Less Maintenance Requires

The best part of a transportable home is that the construction is done off-site. This cuts down the time required to build a house because workers aren’t interrupted by weather. When your house is being constructed in a factory, it has fewer chances of being a victim of unfavorable circumstances.

Since transportable houses are made mostly out of wood and other high quality material, the requirement for maintenance is significantly reduced. This is because brick and mortar houses are prone to seepage and other material related problems.

Ending Note

Since the dawn of time, man has lived in brick and mortar houses. The advancement in technology has led to cheaper and convenient residential options. A transportable house is an excellent option for people who love to explore because of a smooth relocation. Because the cost of such houses is meager compared to conventional real estate, it is also the right choice if you are on a budget.

How to Add the Wow Factor to Your Home

How to add a Wow Factor to your Home - Moretti Interior Design Ltd.

Your home is the one place where you can express your personal style and character through your choice of décor. Whether you’re keen on interior design or you focus more on introducing key features that you love and make you feel at home, there are lots of ways in which you can create the perfect space for you. Every home tells its own story through the décor it’s given, and you want yours to pop with character and have that wow factor that makes people stop for a second and take in their surroundings. But how can you achieve this without breaking the bank? Continue reading for some top tips on how to add the wow factor to your home, whilst keeping it personal and suited to your own unique style. 


Colour Schemes

Creating a clear colour scheme for your interiors is key to capturing a clear aesthetic and enabling your décor to flow from room to room. Colours are a great way of adding that wow factor to the home, whether that’s through paint and wallpaper, to decorative touches such as blinds, curtains and so on. You often find that colour schemes are made up of one core colour, with a few accent colours and materials to complement the overall look. Ensure your chosen colours flow well together and work well to draw the overall aesthetic together and create a warm, welcoming feel within your home. 


Unique Design Features

With so many amazing brands within the interior design industry offering unique, stylish decorative touches for your home, you can really find some amazing items to bring add to your décor. You want to opt for something different, that you don’t find in every home as this will really make your décor pop and bring that wow factor home. A great example of an eye-catching range comes from interior fashion brand Buster + Punch, with their stunning new Linear range. This range focuses on key decorative items that will enhance the home and serve a practical purpose. You can find all kinds of amazing interior features like these online, which will create a bold aesthetic in your home and bring your décor to life. 


Bold Additions

For those looking to transform their interiors, there are lots of bold additions that can really switch up the overall look and bring that wow factor to the home. One extremely popular addition at the moment is bi-folding doors. This bold feature helps to open up your interiors, bringing in an abundance of natural light to lift the atmosphere and create a fresh, vibrant feel within the home. Not only do they help to open up the home, but they’re ideal for creating a stunning view of the garden from inside your home. Opening up these spaces and letting natural light flow through is perfect for creating the right atmosphere that is warm and welcoming with a stylish touch. 


Maintain Quality

When it comes to bringing in statement features and bold decorative touches, you want to ensure that the quality of everything is maintained at a high level. Don’t opt for cheaper alternatives if you can clearly see a drop in quality, as quality lasts and will help to create a stylish aesthetic within your interiors. 

What are the common mistakes to avoid while using random orbital sander?

Random orbital sander is the tool which is used for  woodworking and if you are willing to use it then this might be the best article for you. You need to buy the perfect one which is not challenging but the part which is challenging is the mistakes. You have to keep them in mind because they are common but yet most of the people commit them while using the sander.

 If you are new then the very first thing you need to take care of is to find the best random orbital sander for woodworking. In order to make it easy you can go online. Over there you will find the product and also below that you will find the people who have already used it. They will let you know how good or bad the product is as all you need to make sure about is the quality.

 It is because qualities are responsible for the long lasting of the product. If it is not that good then ultimately you will be going to end up getting disappointed with it. 

Some common mistakes which you should definitely avoid while using sander are

Most of the new users perform those mistakes because they are not aware of those. If you are one of them then make sure to have a look on all of those mistakes and also it will be going to help you in using the sander well than others. These are the mistakes to avoid-

  1. Slow down while sanding- The random orbital sander is designed for its slow speed performance. If you are sanding then the very first thing you need to do is shift your speed to the as low as you can and then you start it. 
  2. Most of the people commit the mistake that they speed up the orbit at the time of sanding which can result in breaking of the disc. If you want to keep it alive then the first thing you need to make sure of is the speed itself.
  3. No need to add pressure- At the time of sanding in the woods there is no need to add pressure on it. You just need to use it firmly if you want accurate cut. You should not add any pressure because a slightest pressure can result in breaking of the orbit. It can also harm the sander internally so you should make sure about it while using. Most of the people thinks that adding pressure will result in better finishing which is where they are wrong.
  4. Clean it up every time- If you do not want dust to get stuck in the sander then you should clean it up. Do not pick the dust up with hands as you should use vacuum which will be going to make easier for you to pick it up. In this way the dust and the sands will not get to be stuck inside the sander and you will get to use it without any issues. If dust gets entered in the sander then it might get really tough for you to clean it which is why vacuum is the best way in which you can do it.
  5. Keep your sander straight- While using your random sander for sanding you should not tilt it at any cost. Tilting can result in breaking of the orbit and also you will get to notice worst cutting ever done by the tool. Most of the people do not consider this thing and end up getting their tool broken. If you want your tool to last longer then you need to use it at 90 degrees of angle which would be really nice for the longer lasting of the tool itself. You should also need to make sure that the pressure should be really light not that much.
  6. Use different grits- There are different types of grits available like the sand grits which you should use but make sure about one thing that you should not use them all. Choose the one which is suitable for the sander else you might not get the results you wanted. If you want super fine results then you should keep focused on the fine grit disc because  that is the choice of most of the experts. It also helps in providing better grip to the surface that you can use it at the proper 90 degree angle. If you are new then this might become difficult for you but slowly you will be going to learn how to control it.
  7. Make your hands stand- You should always make sure that your hands are in standing position which will be going to help you in steady performance. The orbit disc should be used in the standing hand position because it will be going to help you in eliminating the risk of tilt. The tilting of the disc might result in breakage of the tool and thus you might end up disappointed. For those people who are really new to this might face challenges in keeping their hand steady and stand.
  8. Do not expect much- You should not expect much from the orbit disc because they comes in way cheaper price as compared to the original wood on which you will work on. So there is nothing to expect more as you should buy a new one if it gets broken or damaged. Most of the people complains that it is not that worthy to be spend on but you need to think about how cheap they are in terms of pricing. Buy the new one without any hesitation or second thought.

You should keep all those common mistakes in mind because they will be going to help you out in better finishing and also your tool will be going to last longer. There is nothing more you need to focus on.

4 Fine Tips to Choose the Right Spray Foam Insulation Contractors

Are you suffering from the problem of high maintenance bill in your building, leakage in the building affecting your health or the energy of your building losing continuously, etc.? If yes then you stepped into right place. There are so many people present who think that they perform the spray foam insulation process by their own. But they are totally wrong because to get better results they need to hire the best spray foam insulation. It is important to hire that company which contains reputed, professional or skilled contractors.

It is because in the same way, one can simply get top-notch services by which their home or building well-maintained again. Now, the major question that takes place here is that how a person chooses the best company among all others. As there are so many companies present that are offering the spray foam insulation services, so one should choose that which is under their budget and offer quality services by which you get quick and positive results only. Also, the best option for the people is to directly make a deal with Edmonton spray foam insulation company.

Tips to choose right spray foam insulation contractors

Here are some simple tips shared with all those people who are interested in hiring the contractors for getting spray foam services in their house or building. So, they need to read them and follow carefully to get positive results only by hiring top-notch spray insulation company or contractors.

  1. Focus on the experince of the contractors – it’s the first thing that matters a lot in the same process. When you are looking for the best contractors then you need to consider their experince. If the contractors are highly-experienced then its good for you hire them and get better services.
  2. Qualifications of the contractor you are hiring – the next thing for you is to check out the qualifications of the contractors. If they are qualified well and having a professional degree then its good for them to go with them.
  3. Their quality of work – everyone needs to know they have to check the quality of work properly before finally hiring any contractor for spray foam insulation. As earlier discussed about Edmonton spray foam insulation company, so one should prefer it for hiring contractors for the insulation services in their building.
  4. Take help of referrals – people need to make a deal with the referrals. They have to always try to get a perfecta advice from their friends and colleagues to know which contractors are the best for the same process.

Therefore, all such the tips that you should know and then follow to hire only the best contractors for getting spray foam insulation services perfectly.


Moving further, the major thing is to directly choosing a reputed company as after then one can get better results from all aspects. So, one can directly hire the contractors from Edmonton spray foaminsulation and then get their home or building ready again to live freely and happily.

Concrete On A Roll – Eco-Friendly and Low Project costs of CC!

Concrete Canvas is already being partner of Titan that offers Concrete on a roll. Therefore, it is a really a revolutionary product that is the useful in this fast-pace world. It is new class of construction material that is known as GCCM (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat), so you can read more about the it online. There are two main benefits of the CC that pushes the people to choose the CC always. Let me start from the Lower project costs, so if you have chosen the CC for the project then its costs proves really efficient. 

It is completely reliable for the people to choose this great option always and give you great outcomes and great benefit always. Not only this, it is eco-friendly as well because it comes with low mass, low carbon technology that already takes up to 95% less material rather than conventional concrete for many applications online, so get ready to take its great benefits always that is must be best for the users. 

Formats and selections!

As you know that there three different kinds of rolls provided by the CC, so you can easily choose the reliable once for the application that you need, so here some examples of it –

  • Let me start from the batch rolls that are useful of minor work nd really valuable at the restricted sites areas. Not only this, it is unavailability of the plant and its best part of this option is that it man portable. 
  • If we talk about the bulk rolls then it is useful for the major works and there are so many benefits of it such as material effective, so it doesn’t waste your material, It is cost effective, transport efficient, Staggered production and other delivery for great projects. 
  • When it comes to focus on the wide rolls then it is also valuable like bulk rolls and useful for major works. It is straight uniform channels of constant profile. If we talk about the benefits then it can increase the installation rates, reduced the jointing, Reduce ancillary requirement etc. 

We have mentioned some great facts related to the CC formats and other selections that can help any individual to choose the best option for the construction. 

Quick to install and Easy to use!

It is fact that the rate  of the CC is 200m2 per hour that is up to 10 times quicker than other conventional concrete solutions, so we can say that people are eligible to trust on it and able to take its great benefits always because it save huge time. In addition to this, this is really easy to install the CC and it is available in the man portable batch rolls for the applications along with just limited access. Therefore, we can say that the concrete along with less logistical complexity is really useful for the construction site, so get ready to take its great advantages always.