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Highlights on The Use Of Vinyl Floors

The multi-layer structure provides unique functional qualities and benefits of vinyl flooring, including Waterproof. Vinyl does not allow water to pass through, and it is not afraid of moisture accumulation. The only thing he is scared of is the penetration of water into the joints between the plates. Moisture can destroy the base. It is imperative to carefully process the joints in rooms where the floor may come into contact with water. Let’s look at some benefits of vinyl floors in our household.

Advantages Of Vinyl Floors

  • Increased durability. The coating is resistant to external influences – it will not leave traces of sharp heels, furniture legs. Elasticity provides springy properties of the coating – it is pleasant to walk on like the Nero marquina.
  • Anti-static. Vinyl floors are non-electrifying. The floor will not create electric shocks on contact with conductive elements. Therefore, vinyl is often chosen for an installation in kitchens, balconies, and offices.
  • Anti-slip qualities. An exclusive plus of vinyl tiles is that they do not slip, even if there is moisture on the floor. This property will be useful in a home with children or older people.
  • Unlike solid wood, vinyl perfectly absorbs noise and extraneous sounds. When walking, it does not create unpleasant clattering and squeaking sounds.
  • Resistant to temperature changes. It is not afraid of temperature changes and is suitable for laying in unheated rooms. Vinyl is often used on balconies.
  • High thermal insulation. Vinyl acts as floor insulation retain heat inside the room. On the reverse side, the floor does not let the cold from the screed into the room. Therefore, you can walk barefoot on the floor, not worry about children playing on the floor. Although vinyl is a synthetic material, the surface is warm and soft to the touch.
  • Underfloor heating compatibility. Plastic is used to arrange heated floors and laminate doors.
  • Antibacterial properties. An unfavorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms has been created on the vinyl surface. Vinyl is ideal for people with bronchial asthma and allergies.