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What are the common mistakes to avoid while using random orbital sander?

Random orbital sander is the tool which is used for  woodworking and if you are willing to use it then this might be the best article for you. You need to buy the perfect one which is not challenging but the part which is challenging is the mistakes. You have to keep them in mind because they are common but yet most of the people commit them while using the sander.

 If you are new then the very first thing you need to take care of is to find the best random orbital sander for woodworking. In order to make it easy you can go online. Over there you will find the product and also below that you will find the people who have already used it. They will let you know how good or bad the product is as all you need to make sure about is the quality.

 It is because qualities are responsible for the long lasting of the product. If it is not that good then ultimately you will be going to end up getting disappointed with it. 

Some common mistakes which you should definitely avoid while using sander are

Most of the new users perform those mistakes because they are not aware of those. If you are one of them then make sure to have a look on all of those mistakes and also it will be going to help you in using the sander well than others. These are the mistakes to avoid-

  1. Slow down while sanding- The random orbital sander is designed for its slow speed performance. If you are sanding then the very first thing you need to do is shift your speed to the as low as you can and then you start it. 
  2. Most of the people commit the mistake that they speed up the orbit at the time of sanding which can result in breaking of the disc. If you want to keep it alive then the first thing you need to make sure of is the speed itself.
  3. No need to add pressure- At the time of sanding in the woods there is no need to add pressure on it. You just need to use it firmly if you want accurate cut. You should not add any pressure because a slightest pressure can result in breaking of the orbit. It can also harm the sander internally so you should make sure about it while using. Most of the people thinks that adding pressure will result in better finishing which is where they are wrong.
  4. Clean it up every time- If you do not want dust to get stuck in the sander then you should clean it up. Do not pick the dust up with hands as you should use vacuum which will be going to make easier for you to pick it up. In this way the dust and the sands will not get to be stuck inside the sander and you will get to use it without any issues. If dust gets entered in the sander then it might get really tough for you to clean it which is why vacuum is the best way in which you can do it.
  5. Keep your sander straight- While using your random sander for sanding you should not tilt it at any cost. Tilting can result in breaking of the orbit and also you will get to notice worst cutting ever done by the tool. Most of the people do not consider this thing and end up getting their tool broken. If you want your tool to last longer then you need to use it at 90 degrees of angle which would be really nice for the longer lasting of the tool itself. You should also need to make sure that the pressure should be really light not that much.
  6. Use different grits- There are different types of grits available like the sand grits which you should use but make sure about one thing that you should not use them all. Choose the one which is suitable for the sander else you might not get the results you wanted. If you want super fine results then you should keep focused on the fine grit disc because  that is the choice of most of the experts. It also helps in providing better grip to the surface that you can use it at the proper 90 degree angle. If you are new then this might become difficult for you but slowly you will be going to learn how to control it.
  7. Make your hands stand- You should always make sure that your hands are in standing position which will be going to help you in steady performance. The orbit disc should be used in the standing hand position because it will be going to help you in eliminating the risk of tilt. The tilting of the disc might result in breakage of the tool and thus you might end up disappointed. For those people who are really new to this might face challenges in keeping their hand steady and stand.
  8. Do not expect much- You should not expect much from the orbit disc because they comes in way cheaper price as compared to the original wood on which you will work on. So there is nothing to expect more as you should buy a new one if it gets broken or damaged. Most of the people complains that it is not that worthy to be spend on but you need to think about how cheap they are in terms of pricing. Buy the new one without any hesitation or second thought.

You should keep all those common mistakes in mind because they will be going to help you out in better finishing and also your tool will be going to last longer. There is nothing more you need to focus on.