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How to Add the Wow Factor to Your Home

How to add a Wow Factor to your Home - Moretti Interior Design Ltd.

Your home is the one place where you can express your personal style and character through your choice of décor. Whether you’re keen on interior design or you focus more on introducing key features that you love and make you feel at home, there are lots of ways in which you can create the perfect space for you. Every home tells its own story through the décor it’s given, and you want yours to pop with character and have that wow factor that makes people stop for a second and take in their surroundings. But how can you achieve this without breaking the bank? Continue reading for some top tips on how to add the wow factor to your home, whilst keeping it personal and suited to your own unique style. 


Colour Schemes

Creating a clear colour scheme for your interiors is key to capturing a clear aesthetic and enabling your décor to flow from room to room. Colours are a great way of adding that wow factor to the home, whether that’s through paint and wallpaper, to decorative touches such as blinds, curtains and so on. You often find that colour schemes are made up of one core colour, with a few accent colours and materials to complement the overall look. Ensure your chosen colours flow well together and work well to draw the overall aesthetic together and create a warm, welcoming feel within your home. 


Unique Design Features

With so many amazing brands within the interior design industry offering unique, stylish decorative touches for your home, you can really find some amazing items to bring add to your décor. You want to opt for something different, that you don’t find in every home as this will really make your décor pop and bring that wow factor home. A great example of an eye-catching range comes from interior fashion brand Buster + Punch, with their stunning new Linear range. This range focuses on key decorative items that will enhance the home and serve a practical purpose. You can find all kinds of amazing interior features like these online, which will create a bold aesthetic in your home and bring your décor to life. 


Bold Additions

For those looking to transform their interiors, there are lots of bold additions that can really switch up the overall look and bring that wow factor to the home. One extremely popular addition at the moment is bi-folding doors. This bold feature helps to open up your interiors, bringing in an abundance of natural light to lift the atmosphere and create a fresh, vibrant feel within the home. Not only do they help to open up the home, but they’re ideal for creating a stunning view of the garden from inside your home. Opening up these spaces and letting natural light flow through is perfect for creating the right atmosphere that is warm and welcoming with a stylish touch. 


Maintain Quality

When it comes to bringing in statement features and bold decorative touches, you want to ensure that the quality of everything is maintained at a high level. Don’t opt for cheaper alternatives if you can clearly see a drop in quality, as quality lasts and will help to create a stylish aesthetic within your interiors.