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Things To Consider Before Living In A Condominium

Therefore, before buying an apartment, try to know what life is like and the requirements for those who decide to live in a condominium.

1. Security

Nowadays, the security of a condominium is a great advantage. Most people who decide to live in a condominium make this option thinking about the security that this type of housing offers.

Gates, surveillance systems, walls, fences, and other items ensure greater security for condominium residents. You’ll have fewer worries when traveling, for example, but on the other hand, you’ll have to follow the safety rules stipulated for everyone.

2. Leisure

Some condominiums look more like clubs, and there are so many leisure options they offer, from the common ones, such as swimming pools, sports courts, ballrooms, and playgrounds to cinemas, gyms, and playrooms.

Leisure options are often unfeasible in a home, whether for space, economics, or maintenance. The lower costs paid for all these options within a condominium are also a great advantage; after all, they are apportioned among all residents.

But here, too, you will have to follow the usage rules. For example, when throwing a party for your child, you will have to negotiate a lot about the exclusive use of common areas for your guests only.

3. Friendship Circle

Especially for those with children, the condominium like the condo Charoennakorn ( คอนโด เจริญนคร which is the term in Thai) offers a great opportunity to make friends with neighbors, which is also advantageous for parents, who can let their children play freely, knowing they are safe in a familiar place and with someone else—known and who lives in the same place. Among adults, good friendships also emerge, whether by meeting at the pool or a barbecue in the party area. 

4. Privacy

Those who live in a condominium lose some of their privacy. Nearby windows, walls, and slabs that can allow the passage of more intimate sounds, the fact that neighbors know each other’s routines and companions, all of this interferes with privacy and can generate some discomfort. After all, it is the exposure of part of your personal life and, depending on your profile, must be taken into account.