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Origin of Teak

Teak wood was originally found in Oriental countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as Burma. It is likewise discovered partly in Africa and Caribbean islands. Normally, teak wood that is imported from other countries is identified as “imported” as well as there are very refined distinctions in the quality offered in your area and from the origin countries. Teak trees have to be permitted to expand for 80 years typically prior to they prepare to be cut, and slabs being collected from them. Teak trees can reach a height of 50m as well as sometimes more.

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Features of Teak

Teak is kept in mind for numerous qualities which are one-of-a-kind, as well as functional. These features are the main factor behind its appeal as well as its status as a timeless sophisticated floor covering option.

  • Color: Teak slabs are noted for their special color variation. From yellow-brown colors to dark golden brownish, the color variant is derived from its growing conditions. For example, heartwood appears an abundant brownish color when revealed to the sunlight. Some teak wood has a greenish tint or touches of yellow and different dark shades including in its luster. Some darker variations additionally have black red stripes.
  • Texture: The grains of teak wood are tight, thick, and uniform which looks really sleek as well as advanced. Likewise, the thick grains make it simpler to clean up the floor covering made of it.
  • Resistance: Teak wood has an all-natural resistance to a number of components. The wood is naturally oily which imparts a stain immune quality to it meaning you won’t need to add an oil coating to make it look glossy.
  • Convenience: Teak is a flexible material, specifically beneficial in making boats as well as ships, as it does not blacken from contact with metals. It is used for residence insides, home window frameworks, floor covering, cupboards, doors, and furnishings. Its weather resistance, as well as longevity, make it fit for exterior furniture as it does not require any type of varnish or paint protection.

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