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Summer Waves Pool Pump Replacement Guide

A pool pump is so far one of the most useful elements to fill up your favorite swimming pool with fresh waters. Using a pool pump can be a hassling task if it misbehaves or shows any malfunctions. Some unwanted issues may always happen with your pool pump, this is usual. At that moment a pump needs to be replaced or it needs some extra troubleshooting.  

Summer waves swimming pools and pumps are some of the most well known pool pumps that you can use for having a joyful summer inside your swimming pool. When your Summer wave pool pump indicates some typical signs it will mean that your pump has stored some extra rust, leaks, and grinding noises when the pump functions. In this content, we will cover up some tips and guides about the replacement of the Summer Waves Pool pump. 

How To Replace Your Summer Waves Pool Pump

When you will go for replacing a new pump or any existing pump it will require an electrician to check out all the wires and connections for adding with the pump. If you have a little bit of concept and idea about some mechanical parts removing and settlement this will be a lot quicker for you to replace the pool pump. Below we will include some step by step instructions about how to replace your Summer Waves Pool pump. 

  1. At first, shut off the valves that are on the inlets and in the outlet pipes. You have to perform this for filtering, by turning the circle shaped handle on the opposite side of the clock. 
  2. In an alternative way, you have to turn the lever handle of the valve by keeping it in a perpendicular way with the pipe. 
  3. After that, it is time to open the pressure releasing the valve on the top side of the filter by moving the knob in a counter-clockwise way. 
  4. Then close the valve by allowing the pressures to escape from the system.
  5. Then you have to loosen the bolts of the pump by using a socket and ratchet. Don’t forget to keep the bolts safe. If your pump is attached to the filter pad, you have to remove and save them. 
  6. By pulling the pump outwardly from the case in a steady way for removing it. According to the style and the variety of the old pump you have to obtain a new pump attaching an impeller as well as a flange gasket.
  7. With the help of a rag, now you have to clean up all the debris from the circular space of the filter case with which the impeller moves in a circle way. 
  8. Now by using the tip of your fingers, you have to apply a thin layer of pump grease across the insider surface, wearing a pair of latex gloves.
  9. Added new gaskets need to be covered with a smooth layer of grease on both sides. The placement of the gasket will be flat against the face of the flange at the top of the new pump.
  10.  Sort all the holes in a row inside the gasket while keeping the bolt holes on the flange. Now it’s time to position the pump in an accurate way. 
  11.  Place the pump according to the manufacturer’s label which can be faced upward and put the drive handle near to the impeller positioning at the center of the hole at the filter basket. 
  12.  At the opening portion of the impeller, you need to place the impeller accordingly with the case by easing the pump. Move the pump a bit for placing it and tighten the flange at the surface of the filter cover. 
  13.  Align the holes of the bolt on the flange with the threaded holes on the case. Insert the saved bolts of the initial stage at each side of the flange.
  14.  Start putting the bolts into the threads with your and tight the bolts until when the pump is perfectly attached in a sturdy position or placement. 
  15.  Mistakenly, if the anchor bolts were removed, you can alternatively install the saved bolts and tighten all of them securely.

Replacing a pool pump is not a difficult task as each one of you may think. First, you have to detach it from your swimming pool and then you have to remove the filter from the main pump body. For removing the filter you have to remove some inner parts of the filter and then the pump will be separated from the filter. After removing the pump from the filter it is time to bring and add your newly brought Summer Waves Pool Pump. 

Final Verdict

Now you have got a clear concept about how to replace your newly arrived Summer Waves Pool pump of your own. Replacing a pump with a professional or technician expert is the best option. But if you have a little bit of idea about mechanics or the tools of your pump, it is quite an easier option.