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Common Water Heater Problems and How to Fix It

Water heater systems are a common feature in Australian homes. It gives access to potable and hot water, essential for cooking, cleaning, bathing and other sanitation requirements at home. These commonly used systems in your home. When these features malfunction on breaks, immediate attention from a professional is needed.

There are a few common hot water heater repair issues and problems to most Australian households. Here are some of them and how to address and prevent them.

No Hot Water

One of the most basic and obvious water heater problems is the lack of hot water. If no hot water is being released in your kitchen and bathroom areas, then your water heater might have an issue. If your water heater is not turned off and yet there is no or very few hot water available for the household, this could simply mean that your water heater is not producing enough water.

One of the easiest fixes to resolve this issue is by turning on your water heater to a higher degree. Wait for a few minutes if the hot water heater becomes available. If not, you might have electrical concerns or your water heater itself might be the issue. A short visit and diagnosis from your local plumber cna help you identify and fix the issue.

Varying Water Temperature During Use

When hot water from your water heating systems changes in temperature while in use, you can immediately conclude that there is something wrong. Some households may be too busy to address or even notice such issues in their home plumbing. However, it can be an indicator or a much larger issue and get worse, if not attended immediately by a professional.

To address this issue, you can initially check the thermostat of your water heater and adjust it to your desired temperature. if you still experience changes in temperature during use, there might be a deeper issue with your water heater. In such cases, a call to your trusted plumbing expert is a good idea. Your water heater might be in need of a new thermostat or a new heating element. Never deal with internal components of your water heater on your own. Always entrust such repairs and replacement with a licensed plumber.

Leaks in the Water Heater

Leaking in the water heater may be the culprit why hot water is not readily available for you. It is also one of the possible reasons why you experience reduced water flow. If you see water dripping from the heating unit or water pooling around the bottom of the water heating tank, you might want to consider getting a same day plumbing repair visit. A leaking water heater is a severe plumbing issue. It may be caused by a serious internal failure that needs to be attended immediately.

In this kind of plumbing issue, safety should always be a  priority. Do not attempt to do or diagnose the problem on your own. Disconnect your water heater from the electricity or the gas unit and call for professional help immediately. You can also do an inspection on your own, after the water heater cools down, while you wait for your plumber to arrive. Treat substantial leaks in your water heater as a major problem. Such issues may even require you to completely replace your water heater entirely. A professional plumber can easily give you advice on this.

The next time you suspect that something is wrong with your water heating system, do not hesitate to seek advice and help from a trained plumbing professional. Although some issues might be considered as minor repairs, water heating systems are more complicated plumbing fixtures that require the experience and expertise of a highly-trained professional.