Clever storage solutions to incorporate when building your home

Storage space always seems limited, no matter the size of your home. When building a new house, thoughtful storage design maximizes every inch to keep clutter contained and possessions organized. There are many clever storage solutions you integrate into a custom home build that make belongings easy to access yet hidden from sight.

Built-in cabinetry

Cabinetry built right into the architectural framework of the home provides elegant concealed storage that looks like part of the structure. Closets, mudrooms, offices, garages, and utility spaces are ideal for built-ins. Options for cabinets to the ceiling to fully utilize vertical space. Include specialized organizational systems like Medicine cabinets in bathrooms with mirror on the outside and shelves inside. Bookcases flanking a desk or fireplace integrate storage for display. Kitchen islands, bars, and banquettes with cabinets and shelving underneath are handy gathering spots for small appliances, cookbooks, and extra dining supplies when not in use.

Pull-out cabinetry 

The interiors of cabinets and drawers are created to maximize capacity through pull-out systems. Shallow shelves and vertical dividers transform unused rear cabinet space into organized storage. Pull-out metal mesh drawer organizers neatly hold cooking tools and utensils yet allow air circulation to prevent mildew. Roll-out trays under a kitchen sink or bathroom vanity simplify access to items hidden away.

Pantries and utility closets

Well-designed and fully-stocked pantries conveniently stow cooking ingredients, small appliances, and dining supplies right in the kitchen. Walk-in pantries feel spacious yet sequester everything behind closed doors. Utility closets neatly organize cleaning supplies, tools, outerwear, and other household items. Integrate closet organizers like shelves, rods, baskets, and hooks for customized storage.

Under stair spaces

The cavities under staircases are valuable untapped real estate in many homes. Turn these challenging areas into functional storage with drawers built right into the underside of the stair treads. Or enclose the space with a small door to make an under-stair closet. Creative options increase home storage capacity while keeping clutter out of sight. An experienced custom home builder or architect helps design a storage plan tailored to your family’s needs and the home’s architecture. Get cool training to think through how to use each space for the most efficient storage.

Hidden room dividers

Room dividers serve double duty when built with storage inside. A bookshelf, media centre, or shelving unit positioned as a room divider provides discreet separation while also stashing belongings. In open floor plans, room dividers define spaces like living and dining areas or kitchen and family rooms while concealing items inside. Built-in window seats with storage cavities below the cushion also make clever dividers.

Space-saving beds & furniture

Beds with storage drawers built right into the base stash extra linens and clothing out of sight. Platform beds with spacious drawers minimize the need for bulky dressers. Daybeds with trundles push back into the cavity under the main bed. Expandable table leaves, stools, and chairs slide compactly under tables and desks when not in use. Furniture and beds customized with space-saving features eliminate clutter while fitting seamlessly into room design.