Analyzing the lucky color to wear for a job interview

Securing a job interview is a big step towards getting yourself a job. Once you have completed practicing the basic logistics of the interview, it is time to decide what you will wear to the interview. You have a vague idea that sticking to the formal outfit will be the right thing to do. But do you know about the colors that might help in creating better impression? These colors cab turn out to be “lucky” color for the purpose. You may say that there are some appropriate colors that create a good impression about the candidate. 

  1. Wear blue

The experts agree that blue is one of the best colors to wear at the interview. HR professionals share that blue represents the color of a team player. The color makes the opposite person feel that you are honest, trustworthy, and credible. 

  • Shades of blue doesn’t matter as long as you don’t wear something unusually bright. 
  • Navy is always classic. 

But muted colors are not always good as they make you appear passive. 

  • Wear black

Black is the classic color and second most lucky color to wear for job interview [สี เสื้อ มงคล สัมภาษณ์ งาน, which is the term in Thai]. The color alludes to authority, strength, and having leadership abilities. It is indeed a powerful color.

  • Wear gray

If you want to wear something neutral, pick an attire in gray from your wardrobe. It will always portray that you are a logical person with an analytical mind. But if you have a tendency to sweat when under tension, you should avoid the color. Because it will show that you are not confident enough to face the interview, whatever be the reasons. The lucky colors are the ones that define your best version. 

5 Valuable Tips for Collecting Copenhagen Posters

Since time immemorial, art has been man’s best outlet to describe life. It provides a gateway for people to express their emotions, environment, and thoughts.

Besides the typical paintings, today, artists are coming up with more creative pieces to express their talents. They’ve therefore come up with art prints and posters, metal art, among others.

Nonetheless, regardless of the artist’s preference, the goal of the art remains the same.

As an art enthusiast looking for something new, poster arts are a perfect start for you. The posters combine a blend of graphic design and artistry to come up with a masterpiece. One such example is the Copenhagen poster designs.

Copenhagen is a city endowed with multiple breathtaking sceneries, creating the perfect location for art inspiration.

Below, we share with you five tips to remember when collecting these posters.

1.    Posters designs are different

Every art enthusiast knows that each art piece is different from the other. This can be in terms of the colors, message, tone, and theme.

The reason for this difference is that each artist has his/her style, and so, their works are bound to be different.

Although Copenhagen posters are mainly beautiful and subtle, they may not always be what you want. Each poster conveys a specific message, and the poster you collect needs to satisfy your needs.

You, therefore, need to know your tastes and likes before getting each poster. This means avoiding collecting the most common and trendy poster art prints and opting for your preferences.

2.    Different posters for different rooms

Copenhagen posters come in different types and sizes. Each of these posters is appropriate for a specific room. Thus, depending on the room you want to place the posters, choose appropriately.

When choosing posters for your home, different rooms can get uniquely themed posters. Luckily, Copenhagen posters have you covered.

The sitting area can be fitted with posters portraying a calm environment to make visitors feel more welcome to your home. The same should be done in the kids’ rooms and bedroom.

Also, these posters come in different colors, and so, you should ensure that the poster complements your rooms’ aesthetic.

3.    Consider your Budget

Unlike paintings, posters and other art prints are way much cheaper. However, Copenhagen posters come at different prices, some being more expensive than others.

The prices vary based on the sizes, the designs, the rarity, and even the message being portrayed. You, therefore, need to ensure that whichever poster you get meets your budget.

However, quality poster arts are always more expensive than other posters. You should thus be willing to compromise your budget for quality!

Moreover, remember to factor in the maintenance costs in your budget to avoid any surprises.

4.    The Art Shop Matters!

In the art world, original and quality art pieces are highly appreciated. This includes quality poster arts. It’s therefore very disappointing investing in art and getting fake art copies.

The art shop you collect the the Copenhagen poster is, therefore, very important. There are numerous art shops across the world, and so you have to invest in a verified and reputable dealer.

Before choosing your art shop, ensure that you have done your research. Look into the artists that contribute their pieces to that shop and the quality of their work.

Companies such as Paper collective are known to have quality Copenhagen posters. This company has a couple of artists who bring in different blends into art.


When looking for posters for your home or office, you can never go wrong with Copenhagen posters. The quality and variety offered by this poster design make it suitable for most rooms.

When collecting it, however, you need to be sure that the poster is appropriate for your rooms and it’s within your budget. It should also be from a trusted art shop.

All in all, remember that regardless of the artist or the art piece, art brings value to life.

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