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Types of candles for decorating your house

Do you intend to decorate your house or some particular room for some special occasion? Try to have something different this time to surprise others. Instead of various décor elements, you can use different candles that can illuminate the place up with a fantastic scene. Don’t only use one type of candle when there are several options available. You can find different kind of candles at nu-botanics.com. They have almost all types of candles. Listed below are some popular ones that they have in their store for you:

Taper candles: These candles are slim in shape that is why they are called taper candles. There is small flame burn on these candles which can last for nearly 10 hours. They are available in various colors and are taller than most of the candles. But the problem with these candles is that they cannot stand on their own, you need to have a candle stand for them. 

Pillar candles: They are made thick with wax. They are nearly smokeless candles that burn for nearly 4 hours. These candles are also available in different size, shapes and colors. There are two to three wicks present in these candles that is why they burn with bigger flame. The height of these candles can vary a lot. They are 3 to six inches tall. They do not require any stand but you can keep them on board holder such as glass plate.

Votive candles: These candles are small nearly about 2.5 to 3 inches with approximately 2 inches thickness. You also need a holder with them. They can also be burnt in multi candle stand. There are sconces also available for them. You can find these candles in churches mostly. They come in different colors and patterns. They look beautiful and posses a burning time of  6 to 7 hours.