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Tips For Organizing The Wiring

We have different types of electronic devices that consist of cables; it is now necessary to know the correct way to connect them to the electrical networks and organize them in the correct spaces. Take advantage of the proper places to organize the cables and protect them using the cable protector floor, for example, aesthetic and thus avoiding accidents or risks with the office and home wiring.

Take note of the following recommendations, with which you can advise or advise your customers to order the wiring easily and quickly:


You must unplug all the connection cables from the power outlet, as well as any electronic devices that you are not using as a cell phone, laptop, or tablet charger.

Join And Combine:

When joining cables, be aware that electrical wiring should not be combined with cables that carry signals, such as a network cable or HDMI cable, to create interference that reduces image quality or connection speed.

Use Tie-Downs:

To avoid tripping, tie-downs are very useful for bundling cables behind most computer and entertainment centers. These are easy to use, give order and improve the appearance of the connections in these spaces.

Hide In Gutters:

When you have visible wiring in a wall, the best option to hide it is the gutters, which are pieces that have a hermetic closure, a modern design, and adhesive tape, so you do not have to mar the wall with nails or screws when installing them. In addition to helping the aesthetics of the place, it contributes to the safety of people since children or pets do not have contact with the cables that pass through there.

Sort With Plastic Spirals:

They are also a good option for organizing cables since they are easy to install and give the possibility of grouping several cables from various electrical equipment; it is an aesthetic and safe element.