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The Proper Window Cleaning Equipment for High Windows

Having to clean high windows is a chore that almost no homeowner enjoys. Whether these windows be skylight windows or floor to ceiling windows on a high floor, cleaning them is always no easy feat, especially without the proper tools and window cleaning equipment. In this post, we take a look at the dangers of cleaning high windows improperly and examine some of the proper tools that you can use to clean high windows. 

Dangers of Cleaning High Windows Improperly

Cleaning high windows can be challenging, especially when you do it without the proper tools and safety precautions. One of the most common dangers that homeowners face when cleaning high windows is the risk of falling. If you clean your high windows with an unproperly secured ladder, one false step could easily cause you to lose your balance and fall, injuring yourself. 

Safety risks aside, you could also easily damage your windows when cleaning them. When you are unable to reach a high window normally, it may be tempting to use a makeshift pole to access the window. However, if this pole isn’t equipped with the proper window cleaning attachments, you could just as easily end up spreading the grime around your window’s surface instead of actually cleaning it. Worse still, you may even end up scratching or shattering your windows by accident. 

Proper Tools for Cleaning High Windows

Given the dangers and risks of using improper tools to clean high windows, you may be wondering what you can use instead to clean your high windows. Here are some of the essentials:

Water Fed Poles

Water fed poles are specialised window cleaning poles that can often be connected to a water supply. When connected, they will feed this water supply directly to the window surface. This enables you to reach a high window without needing to climb a ladder and risk endangering your health and safety. 


Water fed poles can also support a variety of window cleaning attachments, one of the main ones being squeegees. Squeegees are effectively window scrapers that often come with rubber blades, and you can commonly see professional window cleaners using them to clean windows. 

Squeegees are typically used to scrape off any remaining dirt and grime left on a window after scrubbing them or cleaning them with water. You can combine them with water fed poles and window cleaning detergents to maximise the effectiveness of your cleaning and get your windows back to pristine condition. 

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