Stuck for Wall Space? Consider a Ceiling Mounted Air Con Unit


Are you running out of ideas as to where to place your new and much-needed air conditioning unit? It may be that there is no wall space for an air conditioning unit, you may have shelves or racks, or the wall space may be in use for other things such as boilers and pipes or students’ work. Thankfully ceiling mounted air conditioning units exist, out of the way, out of sight and out of mind.

Ceiling mounted air conditioning is suitable for commercial and industrial use as well as offices, schools and colleges, it is also possible for domestic settings as well. All major manufacturers supply ceiling mounted air conditioning, and there are two types to choose from, depending on your ceiling and needs.

All air conditioning has to have an external outlet and thus space needs to be taken into account for the pipes to run to the external outlet as well as enough safe space outside for the external outlet.

Cassette Air Conditioners

Cassette Air conditioners are often used in commercial and learning environments; they are discreet as they hide the main part of the air conditioning unit out of sight within the ceiling and just the airflow outlet is visible. They are effective in circulating air, with four directional air outputs, ideal for the centre of an office or classroom, as well as being discreet and blending well with the ceiling, so they are popular. Cassette type air conditioning are as easy to access and maintain as under ceiling models, despite being built into the ceiling.

Under Ceiling Air Conditioners

Under ceiling units are mounted just below the ceiling, usually by the join of the wall and the ceiling. These are not as pleasantly blended with the ceiling as the cassette units, but they are more powerful, they are a popular choice in warehouses and workshops, and because their air circulation power is greater than the cassette models, less of them are needed for air conditioning, so they are ideal for large industrial or commercial work spaces.

Where to Start?

The first step, if you have decided on ceiling air conditioning units for your business or organization, is to contact air conditioning engineers who can offer expert advice on the right type for your business and budget. The team at EOC would happy to hear from you and offer ideas and quotes, so get in touch with them here:

EOC Services – https://eocservices.co.uk/ceiling-mounted-air-conditioning.php

Choosing your Air Conditioning

Budget is always a factor, what can the company afford? And then there is the question of how many units will be needed and who will install them. The type of workplace is a factor as well, and also the type of ceilings. False ceilings such as those in some offices, shops and learning environments are often ideal for cassette type air conditioning, while under wall models suit open environments such as workshops and large storage and work areas with solid ceilings, and you usually need less units as these are more powerful.

The decision of how the air conditioning is operated and who by, is another factor. Remote controlled air conditioning is popular with teachers in classrooms for example, while small and discreet wall-mounted control panels are also an option. It may be necessary to have the air conditioner on a timer to to suit the business’s work.

ceiling mounted air conditioning can be combined with heating and also provision of hot water, here is one of the leading manufacturers with some more information:


Energy efficiency and running costs are another factor, and investing in an energy efficient air conditioner for heavy usage is a good investment in the long run. Units can be different power levels to suit each business and budget.

Environmental concerns are something that are often mentioned regarding air conditioning, which is something that you can discuss with the experts if it is a concern to your business, and here is an article: https://simplyeducate.me/2014/02/12/the-environmental-impact-of-air-conditioning/

Fitting Air Conditioning.

To ensure safe, effective and legal installation, fitting of the new air conditioning system should only be done by insured, trained and qualified installers. And in the case of any issues with the system, it should also be maintained by experts, usually the fitters are will maintain the system, and it will be under warranty as well, which is won’t be if it isn’t fitted by professionals.

I hope that your new ceiling mounted air conditioning proves to be a great source of comfort and convenience in the years to come.