Role of furniture at the workplace:

Furniture is not only important for house decoration but forms the office point of view it plays an important role. Office furniture is one of the most essential factors in creating a working environment. The office furniture should be professionally designed with an experienced interior designer who can give touch elegance. It not only gives an employee a working environment but also attract customer, outsiders and competitors. In order to increase the job satisfaction of an employee, this is the responsibility of a company to facilitate its employees with comfortable and convenient furniture. So that they can work efficiently and if the employees will be satisfied with their jobs it would definitely affect the company’s profitability.

Different type of office furniture:

Furniture definitely affects individual mental health, for example after stressful hours just sitting on some elegant breakout furniture can helps to reduce fatigue. Office furniture includes office desk, reception furniture, office tables, Breakout furniture, adjustable height desks, Call Centre desk and many more. Moreover, office furniture will help to increase the efficiency of work; it can provide a better working environment for the employees. It actually converts a building to a working office. Office furniture like office storage cupboards actually helps the company to store bulk amounts of data in the form of hard copy.

The solution to all health problem causing by selecting the wrong furniture:

According to the research, 90% of employees complain about back pain and spine injury most of the time. As we know employee in every country spends almost 8 hours sitting on the chair which causes physical injury. The most common solution to avoiding this kind of injury is to replace ordinary office furniture with ergonomic furniture. It is specially designed for comfort and good postures. And now many interior designers when it comes to select office furniture use Ergonomic chair [เก้าอี้ สุขภาพ , which is the term in Thai] as every company’s first and top most priority is their work labor

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