PJ garage doors for all your garage door needs

PJ garage doors are reputable installers and repairers of garage doors. They aim to provide exceptional service to their clients that would keep them coming back. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, you can get their service if you live anywhere in or around the area. PJ garage doors will ensure high quality, reliable service that will enhance safety as well as the aesthetic of the exterior of your home.

Why do you need a garage door?

A garage door is an important access point to your home. You need to make that entrance secure to make sure that your home is not accessible to outsiders. A garage door is also important for the safety of your vehicles.

PJ garage doors

PJ garage doors have been around for almost a decade now. They have seasoned professionals that provide excellent service as well. PJ garage doors are also great at customer support. The staff is friendly and communicative, and you get responses soon. What’s most appealing about PJ garage doors is the competitive price points they provide. They also give a generous warranty for their garage doors. A warranty can last up to 7 years. As a leading organization in the field, you can expect quick installation and service from PJ garage doors.

Extensive range of garage doors

PJ garage doors have so many options to choose from. Just drop by their showroom and you can see this extensive range of garage doors for yourself. Here are some types of garage doors offered by them.

  1. Tilt doors

Tilt door is a single panel door that uses pivoting arms to move. When opening the arms shift the door to the ceiling.

  1. Roller doors

Roller doors open vertically. When in the open state, the roller door is rolled in.

  1. Sectional doors

Sectional doors open in sections vertically. When open, the sectional door is shifted to the ceiling. These also come with added protection such as excellent sealing and is perfect if your garage floor is uneven.

Garage doors are made of different materials including timber and steel. You can find exactly what you want by visiting the PJ garage doors showroom.

Garage doors with customized design

Nothing can be more exciting than being able to design your own garage door. If you are all for creative freedom, go for a customized garage door design by PJ garage doors. You can design the exterior with styles you want and can also customize the door to the size you want. This is extra helpful if you have a narrow driveway. You can also choose the material you want. Garage doors are available in lock and key models, remote control models, and automated models.

Repair and Service

PJ garage doors also provide repair and service for garage doors. If you need to repair your existing garage door, you can contact PJ garage doors right away. Their experts will inspect your garage door and identify the problem. The process will be quick and efficient, and your garage door will be fixed in no time. However, it is recommended to regularly repair your garage door every two years for optimal functionality. The best thing is that you get a 6 months warranty for every repair. So, if you live around Melbourne, PJ garage doors can repair your garage door and even completely replace it with an upgraded garage door if you want it.

Final thoughts

Finding the best garage door that can enhance the outer appearance of your home is no easy deal. That’s why you should look for professionals in the field and consult them for the best solution that meets your requirement.

PJ garage doors are excellent providers of garage doors. You can consult them today and even request a quote on their website. The friendly staff will be more than ready to assist you with your needs. So, why wait when you have the perfect place to get your garage door? From an upgrade to a completely new installation of a garage door, PJ garage doors are your go-to providers of all things garage doors.