Living In A Condo: Is It Worth It?

The word condominium refers to the concept of common property. They have become an excellent option for those who love social life. They are made up of different places from those of a traditional house and are ideal for living together and sharing spaces.

If you are considering buying a Condo near Thonburi (คอนโดกรุงธนบุรี, which is the term in Thai), consider some expenses that you must cover. Below, we leave you some essential points to determine if this type of residential construction is suitable for you.

Pets At Home

In some countries, the Real Estate Condominium Property Law prohibits the stay of animals that affect the safety and health conditions in the condominium. On many occasions, the internal regulations themselves establish the prohibition of pets; however, you can file a complaint. Everything will depend on the arrangement you reach with the president and the board of the council. If your application is approved, prevent your pet from making too much noise or affecting neighbors or common areas.

Maintenance Expenses In A Condominium

The maintenance fee that must be paid usually is monthly and has the objective of keeping the common areas in optimal conditions. The expenses that must be covered in a condominium, generally, are surveillance service, cleaning service, garbage collection, electricity and water fees. Other expenses will be preventive and maintenance, such as elevators, water pumps, decoration, fumigation, gardening and, on some occasions, administration fees, among others. Everything will depend on the characteristics of the condominium and the rules that have been established there.

Consequences Of Late Payment In A Condominium

Frequently, there are delinquent condominium owners for various reasons; sometimes they don’t want to pay the fee, arguing that they don’t use common areas. If you do not pay, some rights such as shared spaces or services will likely be restricted. Although there are several expenses for a condominium owner, you would also have them if you owned your own home; at home alone or in a condominium.

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