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Know How To Secure Your Home During Lockdown?

With many businesses paralyzed and most people working from home, the urgency to make your home safe is at an all-time high. The government’s directives tell people to work from home and maintain social distancing, which people observe religiously. Work from the home policy has affected people who work in offices or other sectors and affected burglars who rob stores and other such businesses. There is an estimate of a robbery every 40 or so seconds; what about the rest of England? Scary thought, right? To evade all these, secure your home with certified locks installed by a reputable local locksmith. Here are ways you can connect your home and make it burglar-proof during these uncertain times.

Changing locks

If you have never changed the locks in your home, now is the time to do it. Changing locks will only allow people who have access to the new set of keys. Changing the locks in your home will ensure that people who had to duplicate your ticket will not have any way of entering your home without your permission.

Repairing locks

If you have any locks that need repair, then you need to do it. Nothing is holding you back, and you need to assure your family that they will be safe at home. You can try Upvc lock repairs that ensure your home of safety. The Upvc lock repairs are certified locks, and the keys cannot be duplicated even by the most qualified key masters. UPVC locks are durable, and you will not have to repair them anytime soon.

Construct a safe

If you and your family do not have a safe, then it is vital to have one. You can either construct one from scratch or buy a ready-made one. The safety compartment will serve by securing your most valued possession whenever they are not in use, like when you go to bed. Property that can be stored safely includes electronics, jewelry, or confidential documents, including bank cards or checkbooks, among other valuables. Create a password that cannot be guessed and always wipe the keypad after keying in the pin to avoid duplication.

Set up cameras

One of the best ways to improve home security is by setting up home surveillance cameras. CCTV can detect anyone coming close to your home or wandering around the property. A good thing about CCTV cameras is that they are linked to your phone. You will get notifications anytime someone is around. You also see what the cameras are capturing, so you are ahead of the burglary before they strike. The good thing about CCTV cameras is that you can install them on your own or have the company you bought it from installing the cameras. Either way, safety in your home is assured. Another thing to remember is to place the camera in a place people will not see to prevent it from being dismantled, try hiding it from the naked eye.

Locking up

Remember to lock up just like you would do in the office. Close your doors and windows every night before bed and switch on security lights as well as the CCTV cameras. Locking up assures you that your home is safe during the night, and everyone within that home will have a sound sleep. Upvc lock repairs are easy to lock up and maintain.

For anything to do with home security, try London Locksmith 24h, and you will not be disappointed. They have dedicated their time to help families create a haven for their children and spouses during the Covid-19 pandemic.