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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Learning About Its Process And Significance

Suppose a homeowner is considering refacing their kitchen; it is vital to ensure they know how the project goes, how much the cost will be, the right tools to utilize, and the advantages they will obtain.Understanding these factors will help them avoid unwanted expenses and wasted time.


This project’s first step is removingthe cabinet doors and hinges. The homeowner can do this alone, but the process can be complicated and requireconsiderableskill unless they have experience. Hence, itis best to hire a professional. Then, the only pursuit they will need to do is to clean out the cupboard inpreparation for refacing.

Next, they only need to select the color and style of their cabinets. There is a wide range of options available, including laminates, natural woods, and rigid thermofoil. A houseowner’s cabinet refacing specialist can help themchoose the perfect finish for their space.

The refacing cost depends on the number of cabinets a person has and how they want the space to look. And if they are replacing the cabinet box, they may need to removetheir walls to access the area. Likewise, if they install new hardware, the amount they spend will depend on the style and quality of the existing cabinet hardware.

Refacing can be expensive. Thus, individuals need to have extra money on hand for last-minute expenses. Despite this, kitchen cabinet refacing is a cheaper alternative than a total renovation. This is whyit is still a worthwhile investment.


Refacing kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to update a home without spending excessively. It is fast and easy and can give the cupboards an entirely new look. Individuals can also add storage solutions, such as custom drawers or pull-outs.

It is also a superboption for older homes, especially if a houseowner’s concern is the potential damage that would come with a full renovation. A skilled cabinet installer can complete the project in a few days. 

In addition to the benefits of refacing, it is a greener choice. Most cabinets are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and the chemicals used can leach into the soil. Additionally, MDF is difficult to recycle. With refacing, individuals can utilize plywood for the cabinets’base.

Ultimately, refacing can increase the home’s value. If householders are planning to sell it, their prospective buyers’ first impression will be the kitchen’s finished product. Therefore, findinga reputable kitchen cabinet company in Redondo Beachwith a strong reputation for quality work and happy clients is highly significant.

Learn more about how you can transform your kitchen into a more practical and functional cooking area in the infographic below, created and designed by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Infographic