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Is recycled rubber flooring great for home renovations?

Whether someone decides to repair, renovate or transform their house or building or whatever, there are many options for designing rubber flooring to choose from. And especially today, when we focus so much on the environment, people watch very closely the exact type of materials they will use.

In this article, we will discuss the flooring of such projects. Did you know that you can now get recycled rubber floor rollers and tiles made from old tires? It’s a great way to reduce landfill problems while creating a desirable and valuable flooring product for homes and commercial buildings. Many people immediately start thinking about a carpet or wooden floor when planning their project. However, for environmental reasons, you can consider rubber or tile rollers. While many people are likely to use rubber flooring in industrial types or gyms, it actually provides good flooring everywhere, including in the home.

Rubber floor coverings are great in garages, kennels, and living quarters for pets, as well as in all other areas around the house that benefit from being solid and not wet, water on the floor. The rubber is very comfortable and much easier to keep clean. This is definitely a low-maintenance variant. If you opt for the rubber tile variant, it is very easy to install. And you can easily remove it if you need to change the use of a specific room, you can spread the tiles that encrypt the rubber as a jigsaw puzzle and place them in one place.

Recycled rubber rolls and tiles are very durable and stain-resistant. And as mentioned above, they are very friendly to them. And many brands on the market are made from recycled rubber. One of the benefits of recycling is that it does not contain any raw material that some manufacturers use in rolls that have been freshly produced from scratch.

Rubber flooring for garages

If you use the floor in a gym or garage, you can choose rubber rollers instead of tiles. It rolls much easier and you do not risk accidentally falling into the crack, which is possible if you use rubber tiles with smooth edges. Many workplaces with hazardous materials are likely to opt for rubber floor rollers for exactly the above reason. One of the reasons why less knowledge about flooring rubber is disappearing is that it tends to associate it with the terms “stupid” and “stink.” Well, it used to be that way, but now, well, it’s not quite true anymore.


Rubber flooring no longer carries the smell of rubber and is available in different colors, and thicknesses, and if you choose to combine it with tiles, many sizes. The available colors will match almost any color scheme you’re working on, including even brighter base colors!

This way, when considering how to cover floors when repairing or upgrading a house, you owe it to yourself (and certainly the environment) to consider recycled floors!