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Features of Persian carpets

Persian rugs are particularly popular for their richness and beauty. The characteristics and quality of rugs differ according to manufacturing style in different areas. Persian carpets usually have floral patterns. While Turkish carpets have geometric designs in brighter and wilder colors. Fine highland knotting and compact knotting 50 knots per square inch are particular features of high-quality Persian carpets.

Carpet designs differ in different villages and regions. Some carpets with floral designs and roaming tendrils available in a variety of colors. Persian motifs include bold medallions, spandrels and repeating arabesques. Dramatic borders by applying repeated Herati patterns of flowers centered within diamonds are designed.

Persian rugs are hand-knotted Oriental Rugs that are manufactured in Asian countries like in India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • Raw material to make the Persian rug

Wool is mostly used to make this rug but sometimes cotton is also used. Different types of wools are used like kork wool, camel hair or Manchester wool. Antique rugs are made from silver.  The raw material choice completely justifies the high cost of Persian rugs.

  • Knitting technique

The Persian knot is a unique feature of Persian rugs. With the continuous and period movement, particular knotting creates a consistent or elegant pile that is achieved.  Mostly rugs have cost value according to a number of knots per square inch. If Knotting per Square Inch is higher, the rug will be of high quality and thus the price will be more.

  • Rug size

Different sizes are available and you can choose any size according to your room. Cost also increases as the size of rug increases.

  • The weaving methods

The manufacturers weave the rugby hands or use a machine. And hand woven is more expensive. A buyer can purchase the rug as per the budget spent to make it. Hand-woven rugs are manufactured with horizontal and vertical looms.

Although machine-made rugs have also high demand they are not considered too reliable and authentic. Machine-made Persian rugs are easily available in stores.

Following are some particular features of Persian carpets,

  • Decoration:

Persian rugs are very royal and elegant to decorate your rooms. As they are available in a variety of shape, size, color and design one can easily purchase according to personal taste and choice. They’re actually of attention for everyone’s eyes. The beauty of the room increases when you choose the rug according to the particular theme of the interior design of the room.

  • Investment:

Persian rugs are a unique piece of art and some types are rare in the world because of their uniqueness. Some Persian rugs have a high cost because they’re unique and rare handmade rugs. These hand-knotted rugs truly work of art. And this manufacturing skill passes from one generation to next. Hard work to make them justifies clearly their high-cost value. Most people are willing to invest high to have these artistic rugs in their homes.

  • Artistic Reason:

People who love handmade artwork are certainly going to purchase a Persian rug. Each Persian rug has its unique artistic features like wall paintings with, particularly designed borders.

  • Convenience and comfortable

Comfort is the first and foremost selling feature of this rug. Fibres stay warm even in winters and provide a warming effect to your feet. Persian rugs provide high-quality comfort without compromising in style.

  • The antique industry with in-trend styles

People are using traditional Persian rugs for decades around the globe and in the future, their popularity will increase more and more as they have up to date designs according to trend.

  • Conclusion

Anyone who wants to buy a rare Persian rug should collect information on the auction which is going to take place. You can avail a Persian rug to decorate your room by going to auction.

The great popularity of Persian rugs leads to manufacturing even today both my hands and machines. Indeed, such carpets have high quality and intricate looks and designs. It has great significance among the admirers of artistic pieces. It secured fame at the time when there were no machines to make the rugs.