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Buyers guide to artificial grass

Synthetic grass is a popular choice these days among commercial and homeowners. Artificial grass saves lots of time from the time of their installation. Once you have the turf installed on your lawn, life becomes easy. No more hours of watering, no more fuss of maintenance.

The artificial grass market these days is blooming, and you may find several types and a vast range of varieties. It becomes sometimes confusing what to buy and what to not, and it happens that you may purchase a less productive item to your home. Synthetic turf is not something that can be changed daily; it is not even a yearly investment. A good quality turf can remain new and fresh for many years. I have arranged a brief buying guide to artificial grass that will prove to be beneficial when you go for purchasing the green for your place.

  • Budget:

First thing first, always buy artificial grass in your budget. Turf tiles are easy to install, but when it comes to grounds and lawns, you will go for synthetic turf in rolls, which can be installed to help staff and services. Many good companies offer many excellent packages, so it is easy to buy artificial grass in your budget.

  • Traffic:

Make sure to consider foot traffic on your lawn. If you are going to buy this grass for your gardens and have kids and pets around your house, it’s better to buy artificial grass with substantial foot traffic resilience.

  • Quality of artificial turf:

Never compromise on the quality of artificial turf!! It is not something you can buy and install with a gap of a few months. A quality turf is soft to touch, and also, they might come with backings. You can also add support for your choice to enhance its quality. That will help it to stay straight on your ground for a long time. Also, make sure that grass has anti UV light rays coating because it has to stay in the light for continuous hours that may cause fading colors. Anti UV light protections give it immunity under sunlight for long hours.

  • Pile Height of synthetic grass:

Pile height of synthetic grass also helps you to decide the beauty of your lawn. A longer pile might make your garden look more lush, green, and beautiful. But it comes with significant drawbacks like; the longer the strands, the heavier your turf will look. Secondly, the strands will bend over in a short time, and your lawn will look flat. Try to go for medium-sized piles; the shorter the size, the more durable your lawn will look. A longer pile might be uneasy to walk, and smaller are soft on your feet. Remember that brushing strands of artificial turf of any size will help them stay straight for a long time.

  • Weight and Dense synthetic turf:

A dense synthetic turf looks more beautiful in your lawn. A more dense grass means more strands in yarns that cost more than usual. Try to buy with medium density and go for sand refills. Sand refills make your turf look dense, and you don’t have to pay much. Also, try to balance the weight and density. More density means heavier in weight. A dense artificial turf doesn’t sound suitable for balconies and terrace.

  • The backing of artificial grass: Backing of artificial grass is as essential as its top surface. So try to buy durable support for your lawn. Rubber and sand backing are popular among users due to their strength and firmness features.
  • Color: Artificial turf is available in different shades of green. A lighter shade means lower in quality, always go for darker shades with brown flecks. It will look natural and will not fade quicker in light.
  • Maintenance: A turf always needs time to time maintenance. The excellent quality grass will cost you less in case of damage and easy to maintain.


Artificial turf is a lifesaver for those who want beautiful lawns with little effort. It is a bit expensive for the first time, but in the long run they save you a lot of money and time compared to natural grass.