Artificial plants need care too; Find out how to do that

It’s really no surprise that house plants are increasing in popularity, recording a massive 70% yearly rise in house plant sales. 

While most house plants are comparatively low cost, you can find you just can’t keep them going if you’re not really green-fingered. The remedy? Flowers and plants of artificial origin. And they’re a perfect choice with lots of beautiful and practical choices on the market. 

While taking care of artificial plants and flowers will be much simpler than the real ones, they also need a certain soapy water. So this is how to help them look beautiful in spring.

The word silk flowers is a generic one. Artificial flowers no longer consist exclusively of silk, but of a combination of materials. 

They will need cleaning as these flowers are fabric. Adding it to your grooming list and give it a regular take to maintain them looking nice, which is especially necessary for white or lighter blooms that are more readily marked. 

With a baby wipe, you can try to eliminate stains or you can spend in a specialist cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. Clover includes a silk plant wash that can be used once every month to avoid contamination and hold your artificial flowers searching for guidance.

Artificial plants and trees look chic, but they must be dusted daily. Dust is certainly a clue when it comes to identifying an artificial plant, because we would recommend getting a dry, soft, paper towel and softly rubbing each leaves one at a time from the tip to the base of the plant. 

Many artificial trees may be kept outdoors, but care labels are still checked. As UV coatings deteriorate over time monthly turning of artificial trees or topiary will be advised so that any fading caused by UV affects the plant uniformly and is less visible. It is also advised to protect the plants from adverse weather conditions, preferably taking them indoors or covering them if necessary.

Take these actions to ensure them looking fantastic, whether you prefer artificial flowers, plants, trees or succulents… 

It is essential to have them placed far from the light. UV from sunlight can cause discoloration and fading, and we suggest testing the plant’s care label to see if it is UV resistant prior to placing it in a direct sunlight window. 

Regularly switch your artificial plants. In one area, this will help minimize concentrated fading.

Love and care as you would real ones for your artificial flowers! Move them around through your kitchen to your office, so you can truly enjoy them wherever you go. 

Apparently, artificial plants and flowers really aren’t reusable. You can still send them to a charity shop for someone else to enjoy if you’re just deciding to redecorate and your artificial plants always look vibrant.

At Evergreen artificial plants are of different types and you can grab the one that matches your likings and use the tips to help you take care of them. 

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