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7 Tips To Get Your Apartment Decorating Right

Those who live in condominiums like Kaset condo for example (คอนโด เกษตร which is the term in Thai) know that the offer of compact apartments has increased in recent times. Therefore, many people find it difficult to leave the property comfortable and adequately furnished without impairing circulation. Thinking about it, we list below seven small apartment decoration tips that can ease this challenge. Check out:

1. Invest In Smart Furniture

Suppose the apartment residents like to enjoy their free time in front of the television. In that case, the good idea is to bet on the retractable and reclining sofa, which offers comfort to users with simple position adjustments without taking up the entire area room.

The same rule applies to small rooms, where suspended beds are welcome. The most recent models are accompanied by a desk positioned in the space between the mattress and the floor. This is a great resource for school children and teenagers.

2. Prefer Light Colors

When painting walls or even choosing furniture, give preference to light tones. They convey a sense of spaciousness and do not overwhelm the decor.

Even so, if you can’t resist a more vibrant color, choose to use them in decorative objects or furniture with an ornamental vocation, such as armchairs, puffs, and chairs.

3. Bet On Wallpapers

To ease the restriction of strong tones, the solution is to use wallpapers, which give a touch of color in the right measure.

In the bedroom or living room, wallpaper with vertical stripes makes the room larger. If you choose the prints, choose the small figures.

4. Use The Mirror Trick

Like the light colors, if well positioned, the mirror gives the impression that the room is bigger than it looks. And anyone wishing to use this technique should give preference to large mirrors.

The trick works well in the dining room. Cover one wall entirely. If the table is rectangular, distribute the chairs along the length of the furniture and leave the ends free, returning one of them to the mirror. The reflection will lengthen the table and, consequently, the room.

5. Use And Abuse The Sausages

The market offers a good variety of built-in furniture, in addition to the traditional wardrobe. If possible, replace the room rack with a panel, which can be attached to the wall and free up more space. The suspended lamps are also great substitutes for the lampshade and are high on the decor.

6. Grow A Vertical Mini Garden

Lovers of flowers, plants, and vegetable gardens can grow them in the apartment, following the vertical garden trend. To assemble it, prefer the smaller (succulent) and lighter species, which can be hung in pots.

With the support of pallets or wooden panels, distribute the plants on the wall of a room, such as a balcony or the leisure area. In this case, find out if your condominium has restrictions on the use of facades and external environments.

7. Search For Other Wildcards For Small Apartment Decor

Residents who have many books, collectibles, or treats purchased on trips can display these objects on shelves or niches, two great allies of any decorating project. When installing, take into account the law of silence in force in your building.

And if a wall is missing to separate the kitchen from the living room, use different floors in each space to mark the limits. The same should be done between the living and dining rooms with a simpler feature: use the rug, but don’t overuse the size.