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3 Common and Necessary Roof Repairs

Shingle Repairs

Over time, shingles may break, split, curl, shrink, blister, lift, or erode due to extreme weather conditions, ultimately leading to leaks and potential mold in the household. Breaking and splitting occur when temperatures change suddenly (as is common in Salt Lake City), causing rapid expansion and contraction, which leads to breakage. Shingle curling can be directed outward or inward (cupping or clawing) and is most often caused by dry heat. Summers in Utah are marked by their arid, sweltering afternoons, putting Utah roofs at an increased risk of shingle curling. Shingle shrinkage occurs simply as a result of time, and thus, shrunken shingles must be replaced. Each of these types of shingle damage requires maintenance to prevent excessive leaking, moisture, and heat damage in the home. All Weather Waterproofing, located in Salt Lake City, is a roof maintenance company that repairs and replaces shingles efficiently and successfully. Call All Weather Waterproofing today if your roof is missing shingles are shows signs of shingle damage.

Flashing Repairs

Galvanized steel and zinc alloy are two of the most commonly used roof flashing materials. Roof flashing is used to direct water away from vulnerable areas such as chimneys, walls, dormers, and skylights. Unfortunately, flashing is very easily compromised and often installed improperly. If even a fraction of an inch of space is left exposed, the flashing may curl, allowing sleet, water, and snow to penetrate the roof’s surface and seep in through the cracks. If you suspect your flashing may be damaged or worn, consult a professional roofing repair company in Salt Lake City, such as All Weather Waterproofing, for help.

Gutter Repairs

Though designed to catch water, gutters often catch miscellaneous objects such as leaves, branches, and insects. These items may clog or damage the gutter, causing inefficient and possibly dangerous water flow. If the gutter is filled with debris, water may overflow, ultimately leading to roof rotting, roof caving, and mold. Ideally, gutters should be cleaned four times a year, but especially in the fall and spring, when leaves, branches, and insects are more likely to obstruct the gutter’s drainage passway.

All Weather Waterproofing, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a roofing repair, maintenance, and installation company that specializes in commercial roofing, metal roofing, and residential roofing. They provide in-depth roof evaluations, during which they inspect the interior and exterior of the home for signs of leakage, browning, bubbling, and more. If you suspect your roof shingles, flashing, or gutters are in trouble, consult All Weather Waterproofing today for a consultation!

All Weather Waterproofing provides roofing repairs in Salt Lake City for shingles, flashing, and gutters.