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What you need to know before selling a house “as is” for cash in Texas

Whether you have an unwanted house because of an inheritance or have just moved and cannot afford to keep paying for two houses, Texans may want to sell their residence quickly.

Dallas and Fort Worth homeowners considering selling a home may not want to deal with the hassle of renovating, remodeling, or repairing their residence before listing it. People in this situation may consider selling their homes “as is” to avoid excess expenses.

How to sell your house “as is” for cash

Depending on who is purchasing the home, exchanging a house for cash can be relatively quick and simple. There are very few steps involved. For the owner, all that is required is to inform the potential buyer of any known defects, negotiate a price acceptable to both parties, and close.

Texas disclosure obligations

By law, homeowners are required to inform a purchasing agent of any potential issues with the property involved in the transaction. These issues can include information such as:

-Natural or other hazards on the property

-Homeowners association information

-Missing items/appliances

-Zoning and tax information

-Eastment and boundary disputes

-Water and termite damage

-General items in need of repair or maintenance

Texas only requires information to be shared according to the owner’s knowledge. Although this means that the owner is not required to have the residence professionally inspected, owners are still obligated to disclose matters to the best of their knowledge.

Potential financial challenges

There may be additional challenges that come from selling a house “as is.” For example, a home marketed this way may not attract as many buyers as a renovated one. The lack of demand may force the owner to lower their asking price to compensate.

Individuals looking to profit off of the house’s disrepair may give a low-ball offer. Unfortunately, negotiating from a disadvantage can make it difficult for homeowners to get as much cash as they hoped for in their asking price.

Benefits of selling “as is”

Many realtors benefit from repairing or renovating homes in disrepair. Although a seller may not get as much from a slightly defective home, there is still a demand for run-down homes in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

Selling an unwanted house “as is” can attract cash buyers who can quickly negotiate and close on a home. In addition, a quick transaction like this can be beneficial for people wanting to offload their home for a suitable price quickly.

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