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What are the advantages of linoleum flooring?

Linoleum flooring is used to cover the floors and provide state to the art décor to the homes and offices after installation. It is very beneficial to install linoleum flooring due to the numerous advantages such as it maintains safety level, and offers softness along with durability. The manufacturing process of linoleum flooring is based on the mixture of natural flax, linseed oil, and flour of the wood. They are properly mixed together and then pressed by placing that mixture into heavy rollers. Once you make a plan to install linoleum flooring, you will found a vast variety of colors, unique and appealing designs.

Not only for homes and offices, but linoleum flooring can also be installed in hospitals, schools, nurseries theatres, and playgrounds. If you are a wood lover but find it hard to afford original wooden floors then linoleum flooring can be your top-choice. The best part of linoleum is that you can have the original wooden texture in various colors and shades that provide the most elegance décor to your place. 

Advantages of Linoleum Flooring

After making a plan to install linoleum flooring, you must find the reliable manufacturers and suppliers where you will find the original linoleum flooring. The following advantages will be enjoyed after getting reliable linoleum flooring with proper installation as well such as;

  • It is very easy to clean linoleum

This is the main advantage of linoleum flooring that makes it quite favorable for the ladies at homes. It offers them a quite easy way to clean the surface and remove all of the dust over it. It can be cleaned with just simple dry mopping if you want to wash this flooring then add a cup of vinegar in a bucket of water and wash freely.

  • It can be installed over Existing Flooring

If you think that you have to get rid of existing flooring in order to install linoleum then you are wrong. This is the beauty of linoleum that it can be installed over any flooring but the surface must be leveled like it is required in vinyl flooring.  

  • It can be used for a long time

Once you make an investment and install linoleum flooring then you will enjoy the softness, comfort, and beauty for a long time period. The water-resistant advantage of linoleum flooring makes it very durable for places such as kitchens and bathrooms. The expected life linoleum is about 30 years if it is installed properly.