Wedding Vehicle Decoration

Wedding vehicle decoration is a crucial aspect in marriage celebrations. After exchange of marriage vows, couples are shuttled towards the reception then they whiz off for his or her honeymoon.

Decorated wedding cars signify marriage as well as indicate the groom’s passion for the bride to be. Visitors are frequently given permanent liquid markers to enable them to convey their well desires to the husband and wife.

A colourful, bold sticker announcing nuptials is the easiest method to showcase your marriage status.

Rear Finish Adornments

No vehicle decoration is finished with no Just Married sign. Use monogram clings around the window surface. Sophisticated clings provide a classic statement without causing any harm to the limo.

You should use additional monogram window clings to mark reception, church home windows and doorways as direction symbol for attendees. Clings may also be used to define the seating areas. Label them as ‘Best Man’ and ‘Mother from the Bride’ accordingly. Always go for customized license plates.

Custom wedding clings could make your feel special on your wedding event. Take them off before departing for honeymoon and replace all of them with a just married tag.

Planning Vehicle Decoration

Vehicle decoration is generally handled by wedding contractors and decorators. However, specialized and experienced vehicle decorators can also be found and also the expenditure is based per hour.

For those who have ample time, you can also decorate the vehicle. Decoration time might take between five hrs to 24 hrs.

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