Uses Of Ultraviolet In Disinfection

The advantages of UVGI disinfection or sterilization by irradiation with germicidal ultraviolet light lamps (UVC spectrum) are numerous in all fields where it can be applied. Below, we explain the most common uses of ultraviolet disinfection:

Air Treatment

Wherever there are vents, germs accumulate. A germicidal system keeps the air clean of bacteria, viruses, fungi, avoiding adverse biological effects for health, and also helps the well-being of people with respiratory difficulties such as allergies, asthma, etc.

In addition to contributing to the correct condition of your air conditioning, it reduces energy and maintenance costs and ensures a cleaner system free of mold, avoiding bad odors caused by them.

Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, And Foster Homes

In hospital centers, UVGI system (ระบบ uvgi, which is the term in Thai) is useful for eliminating microbes that can lead to health problems such as intrahospital bacterial infections, and eliminating allergens such as spores, by sterilizing the air in rooms such as rooms, living rooms, corridors or operating rooms; without generating ozone or gases of any kind to carry out this work.

Hotels, Restaurants, And Shops

In any room or public space where there is a movement of people, it is easy to find all kinds of germs. Having a suitable UV installation for the volume of each place to be treated contributes to the hygiene of the premises, freeing it from microbes. It also helps to eliminate large amounts of insects, since the ultraviolet eliminates their food and therefore their possible survival.

Bakeries, Patisseries, And Cold Rooms

In food, it is essential to have purification systems that eliminate any possible germ (fungi, yeasts) that may affect food. UV radiation is ideal for this function, given its great bactericidal and fungicidal power at any point in the process.

Laboratories, Pharmacological, And Chemical Centers

In research centers where you work with substances or materials that are sensitive to the infection or spread of parasites, since an environment free of microbial pollution is required for study samples, cultures, tests, etc.

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