Tips For Living Well In A Condo

The benefits are numerous, but it is necessary to cherish the peace of all residents. Living in a condominium such as condo nearby condo nearby BTS Mo Chit (โครงการทำเลดี ติด bts หมอชิต which is the term in Thai) for example has numerous benefits, such as security, leisure area, and practicality, but some care must be taken to ensure your peace and all residents. See some tips:

Find Out About The Condominium Rules

There are common rules that most condominiums adopt, but it is essential to look for the coexistence regulation so as not to be taken by surprise and even to plan the move to your new corner.

Participate In Meetings

Whenever possible, attend your condo meetings. This is a necessary time to clear up your doubts, expose difficulties, avoid future problems, and learn about new rules that can be implemented.

Respect Quiet Times

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. So be aware of noises made mainly at night and early in the morning. Do not talk too loudly, avoid walking in high heels inside the apartment and be careful that objects do not fall on the floor are simple measures, but they guarantee the peace of many neighbors.

Ensure Children’s Safety

Playgrounds are a joy for little kids, and younger children may need parental supervision to play. The care promotes the well-being of all and also prevents the little ones from getting hurt by the toys.

Pricing For Cleaning Spaces

Help keep the gardens, pool surroundings, playground, courts, and grills clean, not leaving papers and the like thrown on the floor. If you need a bigger cleaning, ask the condo janitors for help.

Respect The Use Of The Parking Space

Be aware of space limits and avoid leaving baby strollers and supermarkets, boxes, and building materials in places. For condominiums with parking spaces for visitors, know the rules of use and use the benefit with common sense so that everyone can enjoy.

Always Encourage Dialogue

Problems and misunderstandings can be cleared up with a simple conversation. Be open to seeking dialogue and criticism to improve everyone’s coexistence. If you are going through a more serious situation, bring it to the attention of the liquidator.