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Three Signs That You Have Roof Damage

If you live in Utah, you know the elements can be harsh. The summers are hot and dry with a strong sun beating down on you; the winters are cold and wet with rain and snow in the mountains, Salt Lake City, and beyond. The elements affect us and our daily lives, but have you considered the effect they have on your home? You may not think about it, but your home never has a respite from the weather, and your roof takes the brunt of the hits from sun and storms.

You may never think about your roof until something goes wrong and a leak soaks your bed or drenches your couch. But your roof can have hidden issues that you may not notice until it’s too late. Sometimes roofs can become so damaged your home requires a whole new roof installation. Here’s how to be proactive and check for signs that your roof may need repairs. You can check your roof yourself, but a licensed roofing contractor could be able to give you insights that you would otherwise miss.

Age: First, you will want to know how long it has been since your roof was installed. Most roofs need to be replaced after 20 to 25 years. If your roof is older than that, you certainly need to have a professional inspect it to identify any potential problems related to age and wear and tear.

Shingle placement: Particularly after winter or a big storm in a place like Utah, it’s important to check the status of your shingles. Shingles should lie flat against your roof– if they are not flush against your roof, have cracks or buckling, or granules from your shingles are falling off, sections of your roof may need to be replaced soon. Shingle damage does not automatically mean you’re due for a whole new roof.

Rot: How does your roof look? Does it hold its shape? Or is it sagging or slumping in the middle? If your roof has lost its shape, you may have trapped moisture that is causing rotting. A roof installation professional can help identify how much of your roof will need to be repaired or replaced, as rotting is a serious issue that can cause further damage to the interior of your home.

If you want a professional to inspect your roof, have damage that needs to be repaired, or are in the need of a new roof in the Salt Lake City area, then Alliance Roofing can help you. Give us a call at (801) 721-5093 to get a free estimate on your roofing needs.

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