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Should I Hire A Mini Excavator Or Large Excavator?

Choosing the right mini excavator hire packages is important to the potential success of your next project. Prior to choosing an excavator to hire and which plant hire companies suit your specific needs, it is important to look at the situation you are in, the budgets that you have, the location you’ll be working in and what tasks you’ll need machinery and plant hire for exactly. Excavators are heavy machinery used in the main digging tasks on a construction site, but with different excavator attachments there are other tasks that they are incredibly helpful for.

How to choose the right size excavator hire

When choosing an excavator to hire you’ll be choosing between a mini excavator, a medium-sized excavator or a large excavator. Each has its benefits and drawbacks depending on the location and specific situation and it is important that you choose the right size excavator to maintain high standards on the tasks at hand.

Mini excavators – a compact or mini excavator is designed to do the same job as larger excavators but can be used in smaller, tighter areas that would be difficult for standard models to reach and they also offer help for tasks that don’t require as much power. Mini excavators offer great levels of flexibility and versatility and are a fantastic help for those smaller jobs on a site that would be cumbersome to complete by hand but that don’t need heavy machinery or greater power to complete. 

Medium-sized excavators – midi excavators are used in a wide variety of industries, such as in construction, landscaping, and within the utilities sector. Typically, a midi excavator is used because of its mobile nature. It offers a good halfway point between the mobility and flexibility of a smaller model, whilst offer the power that a large excavator provides.

Large excavators – these have been the standard model in the plant hire sector and construction industry for many years and they come in a variety of weights and with different swing radius. These are heavy machines, that offer great power and effectiveness but less mobility than the smaller models. 

What to consider when choosing an excavator

There are a few things that will help you make the right choice when it comes to excavator hire. The first is what sort of excavator attachment hire comes with the model you choose. This makes a difference as to what size excavator will be most efficient for you, providing multiple applications in one model, and it does lead towards mini excavator hire if you are working in tight spaces.

You’ll want to know what the bucket capacity is of the excavator you are hiring, as this will lead to how much you can pick up and how fast certain tasks can be completed on site. The reach is also important, as with some jobs you might need the longer reach of large excavators. The same can be said for the dig depth you require and the lifting capacity. Most of the choice centres around the terrain, transport and access and the space that you have to work in. The tighter the access and the space, the more likely you are to choose mini excavator hire when choosing a contract plant hire company.