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Seven Wardrobe Ideas for Modern Homes

A fully furnished wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in modern homes. A few decades back, cupboards used to play a paramount feature in storing our favorite dresses and other stuff. 

A room without a wardrobe will look clumsy as all your outfits and dresses would be lying on the ground. In simple words, your room would look incomplete without a wardrobe. Finding the right wardrobe design can be confusing with so many options available in the market. The wardrobe design you select will have an impact on your room and make it look beautiful. 

In this blog, we will be discussing seven wardrobe ideas for modern homes hence solving your confusion in selecting the right wardrobe. 

1: Wardrobe design with mirrors:

Looking for a modern wardrobe design? Go with the one with mirror and sliding door wardrobe. One of the best advantages of selecting a wardrobe with a mirror is you can save the money you will be spending on the dressing table. 

Moreover, having a mirror on your wardrobe will also make it look larger when compared to its original size. One of the best advantages of going with the mirror designs is its classy and vibrant look which would look great in any sort of design. At the same time, you will also not have a spend a lot of money on the wardrobe with a mirror. 

2: Wardrobe design with sliding doors: 

Living in a cramped high-rise apartment is becoming common these days, where you barely get a space to live peacefully. Under such circumstances, you can go with a sliding door as it will help you save a lot of space and money compared to the traditional doors. Opening and closing sliding doors are also quite easy when compared to traditional doors. The only thing you will have to consider while installing sliding doors is to go with premium quality wood to ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot of money during maintenance. 

3: Single door modern bedroom wardrobe: 

As mentioned above, finding the ideal wardrobe for modern bedrooms can be a daunting task with limited space and unlimited options. If you are the only person living in the room, you can go with a single-door wardrobe with three or more shelves and two drawers which would be ample for all your outfits. You can opt for a wenge finish if you have selected classic interior decoration for your room. Single door modern wardrobes are also the best option available in the market for people who are low on space. 

4: Full Wall modern wardrobe for kid’s room: 

Do you have a lot of stuff to store in your wardrobe? You can go with a full wall modern wardrobe design. When the concern is about finding a spacious wardrobe, the full wall modern wardrobe is the best for business. 

The wardrobe is perfect if you have kids at your home as it provides all the necessary stuff for school bags, books, toys, board games, and, most importantly, outfits. 

5: Modern wardrobe design around windows: 

One of the common mistakes homeowners make is that they avoid using the wall having windows as they feel the wardrobe will cover the window. In the digital age, we have solutions for all sorts of problems; hence why not here? 

Well, you can build a wardrobe around the windows as you can use the space. Building a wardrobe around the windows is an innovative idea that also increases the beauty of your room. You can also build a study table or working table near the window, which will make it an ideal environment for work and study. 

6: Contemporary wardrobe with TV stand:

Some people also have to compromise with late-night binge-watching as they cannot install a TV unit on their wall as the wardrobe already occupies it. We suggest you go with this idea where you can build your wardrobe around your TV stand. No more compromising with your favorite football match or movie when you have this idea in your hand. Keep in mind when building a wardrobe, try to ensure that it faces your bed for seamless watching. 

7: Wardrobe design with dressing table: 

Do you have extra space in your room, but you don’t have ample space to build a walk-in closet? You can go with a wardrobe design where you can extend the wardrobe throughout the length of the wall, and you build the dressing table at the corner of the room. You can go with aesthetic colors like beige, grey, or any other bright color, which would contemplate and increase the overall look of your room. 

The significance of internal wardrobe design: 

Apart from the external appearance and design of the wardrobe, you have to also closely monitor the interior designs like drawers, shelves, hangers, hinges, and locks. 

The wardrobe you select must suit your needs hence you don’t have to think about the renovation in the near future. You can also go with a walk-in closet if you have a large room, as you can create dedicated cabinets for shoes, watches, ironing boards, and large mirrors. 

There are also various other factors you will have, like the type of material. We have mentioned a few below, 

  • Laminate
  • Acrylic
  • Mirror
  • Glass and
  • Veneer.

Size of the wardrobe:

Apart from the factors mentioned above, you will have to also look into the available space in the bedroom. You will have to deal with numbers and measure the size of the room as it will help you decide the available space of wardrobe. 

You should also not purchase a wardrobe that is larger than any other piece of furniture to enhance the beauty of your room. 

Sum up: 

Finding the right wardrobe design for your bedroom is an interesting task simultaneously; you have to also be careful with your consideration as it is a heavy investment. Do you have a wardrobe design in your mind? No, select one from the tips mentioned above, as you will find your dream wardrobe design.