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Say Goodbye to Padlocks and Switch to Smart Digital Door Lock

Everything aside, you wouldn’t want to compromise on your home security. We now live in a digital world where everything is interconnected; starting from smart speakers to smart bulbs and home automation systems, so why not upgrade to a robust smart digital lock like the Philips easykey for your home? If so, you might want to check out the types of digital lock from Philips at https://gatedoorwindow.com.sg/the-different-types-of-philips-easykey-digital-locks-for-your-home/.

Time To Upgrade Your Age-Old Padlocks To The Smart Digital Door Lock, Here’s Why:

It Is Convenient To Operate Keyless Entry Door Locks

Once you switch to a smart digital door lock system, the biggest change that you experience is that you can enter the house anytime you want without having to operate it with keys. You wouldn’t have to search for your keys and run into the chance of missing the same. Just enter your secret code on the digital lock panel to open the door. Based on what system you are using; you can also choose to enter with your smartphone. A digital smart lock also enables you to unlock your house from a faraway distance.

You Never Have To Run The Risk Of Being Locked Out

Thanks to a smart digital door lock, the chances of locking yourself outside while keeping your key inside accidentally are on the lower side. Since you can authenticate yourself through a smart digital door lock is easy, you would only need a mere fingerprint scan, a keypad numeric entry followed by a smartphone tap, in case you misplace your key fob. You also enjoy the luxury of unlocking the house from a supermarket, office, or any other part of the world when your child or someone has to enter the house without your presence there.

You Can Keep A Check On Whose Entering And Who Is Taking An Exit

A smart digital smart lock for home lets your tie up with various pins and passwords to multiple family members in your house. This will help you stay informed on who is making their entry and who is making their way out of the house, based on the entered pin. This will be of great help if in case you make sure that your children have reached home on time and safely.

Apart from this, always invest in a smart digital door lock with advanced features as a lot of the advanced features send messages to the authorities or the security agency if someone enters incorrect pins multiple times. Some of the features also allow you for lock reset in case of a burglary suspect. The benefits of switching to a smart digital door lock are endless. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to a digitalized door lock today for smarter and better security.