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Practical tips to Help You Replace Your UV Lamp Early Enough

To ensure a UV purifier continues to protect bathers against pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and molds, it is imperative to replace a UV lamp early. But what’s the lifespan of a UV lamp? And how do you know it’s time to order a dealer to sell UVC lamps (จำหน่ายหลอด UVC, which is the term in Thai) to you?

Lifespan/Disinfecting Value

The average lifespan of a UV lamp is 9,000 hours, while amalgam lamp has a greater lifespan of roughly 13,000 hours. The lamp will still keep working after this period, but the disinfecting value will steadily decrease from then on. Hence, it is imperative to replace the UV lamp early to ensure the bathers’ health.

Note: 9,000 hours is approximately one year. Hence it is advisable to replace a UV lamp once a year.

Replace the UV Lamp Every Year around the Same Time

This can be in the spring to allow pool owners to enjoy a healthy, clear, and clean pool all through summer. You can set a reminder to replace the UV lamp.

Use a Lifespan Indicator

This reminds you to replace a UV-C lamp early. Thus you will prevent that UV radiation from being below the disinfection value. Once you activate the lifespan indicator, it turns red in about 12 months, indicating it’s time to replace the lamp.

Choose a UV Purifier with Timer

With a UV Purifier that comes with timer, you can precisely see when the lamp needs to be replaced. It still indicate even when you the lamp is temporarily switched off, for instance for maintenance; the display will show the latest counter. From 0672 hour position, four weeks before the lamp needs to be replaced, the timer starts to blink. Gradually every second until it blinks steadily at an hour position of 0000, indicating you need to replace the lamp immediately.