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How To Select The Right Chandeliers For Your Home

There are different types of lighting options available to light up your indoor and outdoor space. Chandeliers are one of them. They come in several gorgeous styles to enhance the aesthetic and ambiance of your home. If you are planning to buy a chandelier, then refer to our compilation of beautiful chandeliers.

Sofary is a leading place to get stunning lighting fixtures directly from the manufacturer. Below are some of their widely popular chandeliers that you can find on their clearance sales. 

  • Rectangular Base Pyramid Raindrop Crystal Ceiling Lights Dining Room
  • Double Sphere Raindrop Crystal Chandelier Living Room
  • Modern Rectangular Crystal Linear Chandelier
  • Moon Shaped Spiral Wave Crystal Chandelier 

For Industrial Flair

If you want to give an industrial touch to your place, then choose a candle chandelier. This lighting fixture will help produce an elegant dining atmosphere. Battery-operated LED “candles” are preferred for convenient operation. 

You can also add string lights that radiate from the mounting of the chandelier to create an enchanted canopy of light above the head of diners.

For a Countryside Look

This is another very desirable style of chandeliers that are in high demand in the market. A heavy, and substantial chandelier manufactured of natural wood is perfect to give a rustic vibe at any place. 

For a Classy Look

Choose a hanging chandelier that has white-colored votive candles. A hydrangea arrangement will add an extra dimension to your space. Colors like gray or black will be most suited for this purpose. Such type will not just look classy but also eye-grabbing. , which sits by a relaxing swimming pool and gorgeous landscape.

A Modern Touch

If you are in search of a fancy chandelier, then choose a farmhouse-style basket chandelier or on-trend basket chandelier. It will create a casual and fun vibe in your outdoor dining room. 

For a glamourous look, you can install it at a place where there is a covered patio. Such a lighting fixture will create your style statement for sure. Both of these types will give a contemporary, sleek, and clean-lined look.

For a Heterogenous Feel

You can find various types of eclectic chandelier that hangs above the outdoor dining region to create a desired heterogeneous look.

Contemporary Patio Lighting Ideas

Modern patio lighting can transform the way one uses an outdoor space. These eye-catching chandeliers will create a decorative appeal to an outdoor patio and meet everyone’s taste and style.  They are an ideal way to add radiance and glamour to your outdoor dining region. 

Here are some of the interesting ways to lighten your outdoor patio. 

  • Outdoor pendant lights 
  • Outdoor chandelier with sharp angles, and a geometric silhouette 
  • Outdoor lights with glass cylinders
  • Cordless lamps 
  • A minimalistic chandelier or pendant
  • String lights 
  • Floor lamps in outstanding shapes


Chandeliers have got so much popular these days. You get the luxury and comfort of the indoors along with the natural setting of the outdoors.  The extensive variety in the chandelier will help you get the most appropriate chandelier for your purpose.