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How to secure your front door from being kicked in

Home security is something that everyone is pretty conscious of. We all want to protect our houses from being invaded by burglars. Doors can not be made impenetrable but there are various ways through which we can protect them from kicked and invade. Usually, it is perceived that improving home security is extremely costly and time-consuming. Well, there are lots of easy ways that prove to be cost and time efficient together with a strong protection system. Detex door alarm and park avenue panic exit devices are perfect choices to protect your houses from suffering a breach. It is said that using Detex door alarm is far better than to buy ammo in bulk for your home security.

Detex exit door alarms

Exit door alarms are an excellent way of preventing the misutilization of emergency doors. These alarms are highly effective in ensuring strong security. Detex exit alarms alert the house people whenever someone is trying to trespass or make an unauthorized entry into the house. This security device is inexpensive and can be installed on your front door within no time. It also is effective in preventing theft. If you want to install a security system that takes away the stress of doors being properly locked, detex exit alarms are a perfect choice. You no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to make sure everything is okay in paranoia. These exit alarms will do the job for you while you sleep peacefully.  These easy to install, customizable exit alarms are available with a wide variety of features for high-level door security. These exit alarms are battery-powered ( EAX 500, EAX 500 weatherized), hardwired (EAX 2500, EAX 2545), and time bypass ( EAX 3500). The accessories that come along with these exit alarms are a remote horn, strobe, annunciators, magnetic switch, remote alarm, passive infrared sensors, pushbuttons, battery eliminator, and cylinder nut socket. All of these accessories are an upgrade to the security system. They draw attention to the breaches in your house more properly. Especially with an annunciator that provides audio services of the alarm going off which is an excellent way of warning the people in the house.

Park avenue panic exit devices

Park avenue’s panic exit devices are easy devices that ensure that your place has not been barred. They make sure that proper inspection has been conducted and no stampede takes place. They are the key pieces to panic hardware which warns where you need to fit the doors. They require a code in the doorways when the amount of people in the area exceeds fifty. In case of a breach, the effective, fast, and easy operation of the device makes sure that the evacuation is done on time. For their safety mechanism to be upgraded, these devices are fire and windstorm certified. These panic exit devices provide an excellent standard of quality and are indeed a lifesaver. They provide a variety of exit devices within affordable prices and ensure supreme door management and security facilities.

If you want your family members to remain safe and secure, these exit devices should be an instant purchase without a second thought.