How to repair a garage door

That the door of your garage does not respond as it should happen. Because it doesn’t open, because it doesn’t close, because it’s stuck, because what the hell will happen to the damn door.

And it always happens at the worst time. If you experience any of these, you may be asking yourself “where is a garage door repair near me?”

It will be Murphy’s law or the gift of opportunity.

In this article, we give you the tools to discover the problem and repair your garage door so you can continue with your chores.

The most frequent reasons for failure are:

Safety photocell problem: If the door does not open or close, check if the safety photocells are online or have moved. When this sensor fails, it is sometimes enough to clean it and make sure it is properly aligned.

Problems with the remote that operates the door: We are so used to using the garage door remote every day that it never crosses our minds that it could have run out of batteries. And sometimes the solution is as simple as a change of batteries. Another possibility is that the signal-receiving device fails. If it is an interference problem, you can check it on the control panel using the input button.

Repair a garage door

Problem with the mechanism that moves the door: the one that occurs most frequently is an obstruction. To prevent this from happening, the ideal is to carry out proper maintenance and clean the rails periodically because the remains of leaves, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the rails. If the door becomes stuck due to such an obstruction, it must be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and reinstalled. With the door removed, it would be the ideal time to grease the gears.

Gear Problem: When door mechanisms are not sufficiently oiled, it results in rattling and grinding noises from moving parts. If any of these mechanisms has been displaced by a blow, rattling can occur. The solution in these cases consists of checking all the mechanisms, greasing, and relocating the diverters.

Problem with the condenser: In sliding doors, it can cause the door not to move even if the motor starts and makes noise. Check that the door is not too hard by pushing it manually and if it slides well, it is probably a question of the capacitor. If this is the problem, the condenser will need to be replaced.

Problem with the anti-crush system: If the door moves but suddenly stops and returns to the starting position, it may be that the anti-crush system has detected an obstruction. Check that there is no obstacle that hinders the movement of the door. If it still acts the same, you should check the motor.

Problems with the electrical system: Sometimes the problem can be a bad connection or a cable. In this case, it is necessary to review the entire installation to replace the cable, terminal, or cell that is causing the fault or adjust the terminal that has come loose.

Garage doors are very heavy elements and their repair often requires material and technical knowledge that not everyone has. If you can’t locate the problem that’s giving your garage door trouble or aren’t sure how to fix it, just find a professional!