How To Edit Your PDF Files The Easy Way

You can easily edit PDF files using, an online PDF editor. It’s easy to add new text, edit text or update fonts using selections from the Format list. Click on the image to edit it and then click on the color sample in the tool bar to change both line and fill colors.

  • Add text to an image by clicking in its white space and typing.
  • Replace an existing graphic with one from the Image tab by dragging and dropping it into place or by selecting it from the Insert menu.
  • To move an object around on a page, hold down Ctrl while you click-and-drag it to reposition it. You can also use Ctrl+A (Ctrl+Select All) before you select something else if you want to work on multiple items at once; these commands will affect all selected objects rather than just one at a time as would happen if they were used without holding down “Control” first (which means they are “non-contiguous”).
  • If there are multiple copies of something selected, this shortcut will only work if all have been selected directly via mouse clicks rather than through another method such as holding down Shift while clicking individual items due because otherwise Windows would consider them separate entities even though they’re actually part of one larger group–a situation known as “lassoing”.

To edit the text of a paragraph you must first select the paragraph. Click in a paragraph to reveal the selection handles

  • To edit pdf text of a paragraph you must first select the paragraph. Click in a paragraph to reveal the selection handles
  • To select text, simply click on it with your mouse or trackpad. You will see that web browser automatically highlights the selected text for you.
  • If you want to move your selection up or down, click on either end of one of the handles (the small squares) at either side of your cursor. This will expand and contract your selection as needed.

If you want to resize your selection, then click and drag on one of these handles while pressing Ctrl (Command on macOS) key so that they stay parallel with each other as they change size. If they get out of sync with each other by accident, just press Esc (Escape) key onto them again until they snap back into place.

To add a new text box, or to add text to an existing text box click Add Text Box in the Edit Text Box menu

Click on the page where you want the text box to appear, then start typing. When you are done with typing, click on the Add Text Box button again for that page or any other page where additional text is needed. The cursor will move to another part of the document so that you can continue editing it. You can also edit an existing paragraph by using one of three tools: Select All (Ctrl-A), Copy (Ctrl-C), and Cut (Ctrl-X).

This makes it perfect for people who don’t have access to expensive software programs but still want their documents converted into something easy-to-use like Word or Excel files.