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How to choose a headboard according to the décor of the room?

We have to bear in mind that headboard is a quite important piece of our bedroom since it is the one that will determine the decoration line of the room, apart from the bed being the point of attention where everyone will turn their gaze upon entering. It will also depend on the headboard whether the bed looks bigger or smaller.    

What should I take into account?

The first thing we have to take into account is what type of decoration we want to give to the environment. We recommend earth, chocolate, wine or black as trendy colors, all of them colors pulling into the dark range. The second point is the size and to find the correct one we must take into account the functionality factor: what function will our headboard fulfill. 

The third point is the quality of the fabric that makes up the Upholstery in Dubai. It is essential that it be made of a perfectly breathable material or that it offers us good ventilation. Keeping these aspects in mind, you can choose the best design from dozens of Wicker Headboards models. Of course, price is a big concern. 

What size headboard to choose?

Size is a very important point to take into account when choosing a headboard. We have to know that depending on how we choose it, we can focus the attention of the room on it and thus give a different touch to our decoration. On the contrary, we can choose one of quite neutral shapes and colors so that it does not influence the style of our bedroom too much. Personally, we recommend that if the room is small, the headboard does not have to be very large since it would take up a lot of space that we can use to hang pictures.

What headboard color is right for my room?

This will vary depending on the decoration we already have in our room or depending on the decoration we want to give it. If we are thinking of giving our room a futuristic design, we will never choose light colors. If what we want is to give it a touch of depth, we must choose a dark headboard and if we want our room to be more spacious, then we have to opt for the use of fairly light colors. 

What type of material should I choose?

The type of material is not a relevant thing in terms of quality. Normally, the aesthetic part is also the most important. So we will choose a vintage headboard if we want to give our room a bohemian touch, or we can give it a rustic touch if we choose a wooden headboard. If what we want is to give it a more romantic touch, we will choose a wrought iron one. 

Tied to this is the texture of our headboard that can help to finish establishing this type of decorative atmosphere that we want to give to our room. We must know that upholstered headboards are more flexible when combining as they fit into any type of environment, whether modern or classic.