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Best ways to Prevent Drain Blockage in the UK  

Many fail to realize the necessity of an organized drainage system, this network of underground tunnels becomes the life-line of big cities like London, helping a considerable population carry on with their lives in peace. Our daily activities generate a significant quantity of organic and inorganic waste. An adequately managed drainage system can help transport the sewage safely into processing plants, where they will go through a dynamic detoxication process. However, what happens when the drains suffer a blockage? 

This article compiles a list of efficient ways that will help you save the trouble of finding solutions to unblock drains London in your locality. 

Be Careful While Flushing 

Many research studies showcase that a significant majority of UK citizens flush items that they shouldn’t, down their toilet seats. These items may include dental floss, condoms, diapers, menstrual products, medication, and cotton pads. One must understand that flushing anything other than toilet paper and human waste down their toilets can block the sewage-pipe. Furthermore, hiring a plumber can cost a significant sum of money! 

One must keep their children from playing with their toys near the toilet. Using eco-friendly products can reduce the risk of drain blockage. 

Use a Plug Screen 

One must ensure that hair, and similar substances must never enter the drains. Plug screens will help prevent such substances from entering the pipes, reducing possible chances of blocked drains. In cases where one doesn’t possess a Plug Screen, or cannot install the item for some reason, they should remove any hair strand that might potentially block the drains by hand. 

Keep Grease And Oil Away

An average drain can withstand any liquid with ease. Whether it be milk, water, or other substances, anything liquid can pass through a drain without causing any trouble. However, cooking oils and fat can cause the opposite effect. Unlike water, oil, and grease solidify at a faster rate, at room temperature. When hardened, substances like these can create a hard block, making it impossible for you to unblock drains by yourself. In such situations, you need to call a plumber for their services. 

One must refrain from disposing of anything fatty or oily down their drainage pipes! 

Following the above tips can essentially save you thousands on repair costs and plumbing fees. Upon following those instructions with utmost care and caution, you can keep your drains clean, and free from any significant blockage.