The property rate in London is increasing and homeowners are finding it difficult to buy the property that fits their budget yet accommodate all the family members and their requirements. House extension is a great solution to this problem, as in adding extra space for a new kitchen, bedroom or a bathroom that in turn adds catapulted property values more. House extension helps in using the living space-effective. With a smaller budget and a well-thought plan, additional space can be added to make tiny dining are usage or create extra space for home office.

Extension of the house will help in enhancing the incoming of natural light, link existing areas of the property and improve the design of the house. Benefits of house extension can help you with –

Increase the property value

The house extension helps in increasing the property value by up to 20%. Simple home renovation and extension has helped many house owners in London to sell their property at a much higher price.

Accommodate Large Family

The amount of space in a house is a much-needed factor for the members of a large family to stay together in harmony. The more the space in the home, the lesser the family members could argue about the space requirement and privacy needed. For instance, an extra bathroom comes as an additional facility for the members to comfortably use it when in need.

Comfort and relaxation

The added space provide the family members to relax and spend quality time together with their loved ones comfortably. It makes them feel at home rather than a space to sleep at night. A room for entertainment, a spacious kitchen or an additional bathroom assures the comfort that the family members need. And with more people working from home these days, home office and study room has become an additional necessity to ensure the utmost productivity at their office work or school work.

Kitchen Extensions

One of the major home improvement projects is the kitchen extension. When buying a home, the first thing that the buyer check is kitchen space and facilities. The kitchen area is the focal social space instead of the living room of the house these days. The open kitchen is now the highest demand.

Rear Extension

To take the complete advantage of the outside space of the house, and to boost the indoor capacity –  the house owners choose the rear extensions. This is done by shifting the extra space from outside to inside to increase the room space. It encourages family members to use this part of the house more.

The single storied to multi-storied building house owners are opting for a house extension in Essex as a cost-effective method of home improvement, and seeking help and adviser from the reliable Building Services providers. With the sophisticated designing and technology available, it is easier and cost-effective to accommodate the additional living space in the existing house than purchase a new house in Essex.

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