Analyzing the lucky color to wear for a job interview

Securing a job interview is a big step towards getting yourself a job. Once you have completed practicing the basic logistics of the interview, it is time to decide what you will wear to the interview. You have a vague idea that sticking to the formal outfit will be the right thing to do. But do you know about the colors that might help in creating better impression? These colors cab turn out to be “lucky” color for the purpose. You may say that there are some appropriate colors that create a good impression about the candidate. 

  1. Wear blue

The experts agree that blue is one of the best colors to wear at the interview. HR professionals share that blue represents the color of a team player. The color makes the opposite person feel that you are honest, trustworthy, and credible. 

  • Shades of blue doesn’t matter as long as you don’t wear something unusually bright. 
  • Navy is always classic. 

But muted colors are not always good as they make you appear passive. 

  • Wear black

Black is the classic color and second most lucky color to wear for job interview [สี เสื้อ มงคล สัมภาษณ์ งาน, which is the term in Thai]. The color alludes to authority, strength, and having leadership abilities. It is indeed a powerful color.

  • Wear gray

If you want to wear something neutral, pick an attire in gray from your wardrobe. It will always portray that you are a logical person with an analytical mind. But if you have a tendency to sweat when under tension, you should avoid the color. Because it will show that you are not confident enough to face the interview, whatever be the reasons. The lucky colors are the ones that define your best version.