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An Inexpensive But Very Efficient Way to Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned

With the hot summer coming in, it is time for you to use the air conditioner heavily yet again. But, you must get the AC serviced and cleaned to make sure that it is working properly. Due to heavy demand, the service providers may end up charging pretty high for the services. But with the help of an air conditioner cleaning foam, you can do the job on your own without any hassle. 

Moreover, the Norca From price ( ร์ ก้า โฟม ราคา, which is the term in Thai) is also very affordable which makes it a lot cheaper and convenient to get your air conditioning unit cleaned.

What Is Air Conditioner Cleaning Foam?

As the name suggests, an air conditioner cleaning foam is essentially a foamy substance that can be used for quickly cleaning the air conditioner. This foam is capable of cleaning different parts of the air conditioner including the coils of the air conditioner and the AC ducts. This foam can also get into the louver as well as any similar passage in the unit and get it cleaned. 

As the foam is sprayed into the unit, it is powerful enough to immediately get rid of any foul smell. It can also quickly remove dirt, bacterial or fungal growths, oil stains, or any other debris that is trapped in the air conditioning unit. 

How Does Using A Foam Cleaner Help?

The most important advantage of using foam air conditioner cleaners is that they are a lot cheaper than any of the professional cleaning services. The Norca From price is pretty low and it is very easy to afford. Moreover, it helps by improving the heat transfer in the AC and makes the cooling faster. Moreover, it also leaves behind a sweet fragrance of fresh flowers. 

How To Use A Foam Cleaner?

To Be Able To Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit, You Need To Follow The Steps Below:

  1. First and foremost make sure that the air conditioner is turned off. Spraying the foam on a running air conditioner would not be a wise idea.
  2. Once you have checked that the air conditioner is switched off, you will need to spray the foam. Make sure to spray it into the air ducts, the coils as well as the louvers in enough quantity to make sure that the cavities are filled with foam.
  3. Allow the foam to settle in the cavities for a minute or so. Then, you will have to turn the blower on. This will flush out the foam along with all the dirt and contaminants that had settled inside the AC. 
  4. A piece of paper or some sort of linen clothing needs to be placed in front of the louver to collect the contaminants.