Are you ready for your next renovation project? Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house. It’s only appropriate to upgrade it, especially if it’s windowless. We all know that a windowless bathroom can pose a variety of problems. With that in mind, here are 7 ways you can brighten it up. Take note of the best ways to work your way around not having a window in your bathroom.

The power of white

When it comes to Bathroom remodeling Vienna VA, your problem of having a windowless bathroom can easily be resolved with the power of white. Make sure you pay attention to the wall paint. White paint can truly open and brighten up a dark room.

The power of dark accents

On another note, if your windowless bathroom is dark, using dark colors isn’t technically a piece of bad advice. Keep in mind that dark does not equal gloomy. For a bathroom remodeling Vienna VA idea, you can use dark accents to turn your bathroom into something dark, sexy, and luxurious. Even without a window, it’ll appear as if it’s intentional.

Focus on your lighting fixtures

Your lighting fixture is another thing to focus on. Make sure to pick out the correct one that will help you break out the room’s space. Very unique sconces are a great investment for windowless bathrooms.

Invest in glass and lucite

A bathroom remodeling Vienna VA idea for a windowless space is to invest in quality glass and lucite. Lucite is acrylic plastic resin used for fashionable furniture and fixtures. You don’t want to add any pieces of furniture or fixtures that will take away the little light your bathroom already has. Focus on lucite, glass mirror, and polished metal.

Place multiple mirrors in several places

Any renovation problem that deals with the lack of space or light can easily be resolved with mirrors. Make sure to strategically place various mirrors in several corners of your bathroom. You can opt for a minimalistic mirror or vintage maximalist ones to distract from the bathroom’s lack of windows.

Install a roof light

If your bathroom lacks the wall space to install a window, then install one overhead. A roof light, which is also known as a skylight, is a great way to bring the light in. Note that this can be pricey but it will be worth it. Plus, it adds tremendous aesthetic value to your bathroom.

Make sure there is sufficient ventilation

Here’s another tip most homeowners are not aware of – the lack of sufficient light should only be your second top problem, with the first one being insufficient ventilation. Thus, if you cannot install a window or even a skylight, make sure that you have enough bathroom ventilation.

Renovating a bathroom can be very tricky. While there are tons of DIY and How-To tutorials online, nothing beats seeking the help of a professional. Aside from what was mentioned in this article, you can ask a professional for their expert opinion on how to truly open up a windowless bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling Vienna VA will not only improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom but also up the value of your property. If you need help with your project, contact Panorama Remodeling today!

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