6 Types of Awnings for Salt Lake City Homes and Businesses

Traditional Awnings

Traditional awnings, which are sloped, rectangular, and usually vertically striped, can be used for commercial and residential buildings. Provided in all different colors and sizes, traditional awnings are the best option for a professional and (as the name states) traditional look. They can be placed above windows for heat and ultraviolet protection or above patios for limited weather protection and shade. If your commercial or residential structure could benefit from any of the previously mentioned features, consider installing a traditional awning.

Dome Awnings

Rounded like oranges, dome awnings encompass a fifties look that can make your residence look elegantly vintage. Available in all kinds of patterns and styles, dome awnings are the perfect choice for antique shops and old-fashioned homes.

Gable Awnings

Gable awnings, uniquely triangularly shaped, were brought to fame in the beloved book Anne of Green Gables. Usually installed over doors, windows, and patios, gable awnings are most common in the Southern United States, though their history extends to classical Gothic and Greek architectural styles. If your home or commercial building could use a bit of southern charm, gable awnings are the ideal pick for you.

Bullnose Awnings

Bullnose awnings, best complemented by classic colonial homes, are flat with a rounded edge. Their arched design deters rain, sleet, and snow year-round, especially when constructed with polycarbonate. If your patio could use a little extra shade or your commercial building needs more curb appeal, bullnose awnings are the way to go.

Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings are most commonly used to cover commercial building walkways, encouraging guests to visit. They can add to a building’s sense of professionalism while appealing to passersby. If your company could use some more organic traffic, canopy awnings could be just what you need.

Waterfall Awnings

Waterfall awnings (my personal favorite) are similar to dome awnings in that they are rounded, although they take on a slightly more cylindrical shape. Best accentuated with vertical stripes, waterfall awnings are a great option for outdoor dining and food pick-up areas. They can also be used to shield large, horizontal windows from heat and light during the day. Call a professional tarp and awning company to install custom waterfall awnings for your commercial or residential building.

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