5 Simple Steps to Achieving A Clean Home with Kids

You might think that it’s impossible to achieve a clean home with kids running around the place, and some days that might even be true! But with a little forward planning and some patience (okay, a lot of patience!), it’s absolutely possible to get your home resembling something like clean, and here’s how:

1. Keep the clutter levels down

Clutter makes any home hard to clean, whether it has kids in it or not, so decluttering regularly should be your priority; fortunately, this doesn’t have to take long. Teach your kids that everything has a home, and make it simpler for everyone by having labelled storage boxes for items to be kept in when they’re not in use.

2. Assess what needs to be cleaned and set up a routine 

A chart or a checklist will help make sure that all those tasks that need to be done, actually get done and don’t get forgotten about – provided you refer to the chart or checklist, that is! Break the tasks down into more manageable chunks, such as weekly and monthly chores, and try to get everyone in the household involved in them, including any little ones.

3. Purchase or make safe cleaning solutions

If your house cleaning products are safe and non-toxic, then you know that everyone in the household can use them, including small children. With a simple but effective combination of vinegar, baking soda and water, you can make a fantastic cleaning product that is 100% safe and cheap, too.

4. Keep your cleaning supplies at hand

Once everyone in the household knows exactly where the cleaning supplies are kept, there can be no excuse for them not pitching in. Make it even easier for everyone to get involved by having more than one set of tools and solutions; you can even make a miniature cleaning kit for young children that they can keep and take pride in.

5. Get the entire household involved

Provided members of your household are fit and well, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t help keep the home they live in, clean and tidy, no matter their age. Make all occupants understand that the home is everyone’s responsibility, and that cleaning and decluttering needs to be a joint task. You’ll be surprised what small children can do when given ample reward for their efforts!

Okay, so maybe the steps are simple, but putting them into action might not be quite so! However, if you’re really struggling with keeping your home clean and are having no luck getting your kids involved, you can always rely on a home cleaning service to help. With affordable plans to suit every schedule and budget, hiring a cleaner might be a lot easier and cheaper than you think, so why not give one a try?